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Country Style

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I want to smoke some country style ribs but I have no clue how to do them. How long  should I smoke them for? Should I rub them or soak in a marinade? Thanks guys.

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I don't do country style ribs often but when I do I do them 3-2-1 and I use a rub on them

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Just did some bout 2 weeks ago. Let them sit in a mix of buttermilk and Tony Chacharo's Creole seasoning for about 10 hrs., then smoked them till the internal temp was at 175° (took about 2 hrs. or so). Super tastey!

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I cook mine the same way I cook my other ribs. Rub them down then do a 2-2-1 and they are soo tender. You don't need to do a 2-2-1 as they are done before that but that just what I usually do. A few weeks back I put on a package I had in the freezer for a last minute supper and I did a 2-1 and they were still super tender and had a wonderful taste. I love CSR's.

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I do them every now and than... i do the 2-2-1 like rbranstner... Last time i did them instead of rub a put honey and minced garlic... & than i continued to glaze them w/ honey each hour... when i wrapped them went a little heavier w/ the honey and added a bit more garlic... & finally when all was said an done i hit them on the serving tray with.... you guessed it!!!! more honey... They were awesome! we had them for an Oktoberfest Party i was throwing...

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I would also smoke them using the 2-2-1 mathod.

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i believe---

that is ---

i m o

the original C S R  was what was left after  someone cut the meat out for boneless pork loin...

they then took the bones with  a little meat on them and bbq'ed them...

smoking was even better.....they are absolutely delicious smoked


any how that what i do when i buy a whole loin ...

i then make 2 small roasts from the 1 rib and 2 loin end....

these are usually crock pot or smoke material


[rib end or half of boneless loin goes  for buckboard canadian bacon]

most of this goes on homemade pizza and sandys...

boneless loin end goes for varios baked casseroles  or shake and bake deals....


most of country style ribs   they sell now  [at least in stl area] are cut from  butt or shoulder....

i prefer to just do a couple of pork steaks.......i can do 4 in my rib rack so it doesnt take so much room....s


so i dont buy any  C S R's---but i hope yall enjoy yours----its all good


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Thanks for all the help guys. I am putting them on the MES in about an hour. If the wife lets me touch her camera I will post somw q-view.

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Good Luck!

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Thanks for the help guys!! I smoked them for 5 hours with no foiling and they turned out GREAT!!  This is with Jack Daniels bbq sauce. Did not have time to make Billbo's sauce it would have been better.IMG_5687.JPG

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