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1st try Whole Chicken QView

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2 whole chickens (3 ½ to 4 pounds) brined overnight and smoked with apple wood at 250for 2 and a half hours until the breast is 160remove from the smoker and double wrap in aluminum foil and let rest  



2 whole Smoked Chickens.JPG

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Hello Arnie

Those look good from here. Smoked chicken is really good and has lots of uses too.

 How did the skin turn out? When I do them at 250 I finish up with about 10 - 15 min on the grill to crisp the skin

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Nice lookin' pair of birds you got there! I luv me some chicken...... like Scarbelly said, I can eat it every nite and never have the same recipe!

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The skin was too bitter.

Not sure if it was a result of the smoke or the brine.

I to think the next one I do I will tone down the brine some just to keep it simple

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The bitter skin was probable where you had the blanket on top and the smoke couldn't get out. My chicken skin use to taste bitter till I started leaving the vent open.

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The birds do look alittle bit on the dark side. Now for the bitter taste I would have to agree with Josh and say that it's from the blanket that is keeping in the smoke. You have to vent the smoker or you will get the bitter smokey taste.

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