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My first fatty with Qview.

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Sorry,  but didn't take a bunch of pics. Was kinda rushed today.

I aslo put chicken and some ABTs in the MES.

Plus a visit to the Doc. Long day.

I used the last  pound of my breakfast sausage.

One Idaho and ten small red potatoes. Steamed them and smushed them up.

Red pepper chopped, cheddar  cheese, garlic,salt and pepper.

Six strips of thin sliced ribeye.

Used mesquite and mixed in some maple in the AMAZEN.

Assembled like the WIKI sez to.

Turned out great. (Tho you can see a weave miss)






Sorry about the huge pics,I resized. Somebody was using my camera and

didn't return it to small size pics.


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that looks good

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Great looking first fattie and nothing to apologize about the pic looks great

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Looks great!!  Bet it tasted even better!

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man that looks good!


slice me off a hunk, will ya?


very nicely done!!!

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That's a great looking fattie!  I bet that tastes as good as it looks.  Great smoke!  


Hope all went well with the Doc!

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Looks like a great first time to me.

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