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first freg build

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hi, i have an old freg i'm trying to smoke with an i cut the bottom out to sit a deep stainless steel pan in..in that i am sitting a low pressure gas burner..altho i'm useing a high pressure gas valve...why? because thats all i have right now...if it makes a different i will get another 1 low pressure... there is a lower shelve/drawer to this freg...so after i drop the pan in its really in the lower unit..r outside the freg..underneith...my lord did any of that make sense? lol...sorry no pic... here lie's the problem...each time i lite the burner and close the door to the freg the flame goes out...sooooo i took the pan out and cut about 1 1/2" by 7" long slits in it on both sides thinking it needed air..but its still going out...pretty much the sec i close the door its out...there r no holes in the bottom of the pan just sides the burner is sitting on a brick i put in the pan..the burner has about 1" legs to it so its not sitting on the bricks...do i need holes in the bottom of the pan? do i need a low pressure valve?  need help please...


ps. i was also known as porkbutt for a few days here i forgot my password...ty for the help  guys..sorry for the book

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hi, i sure could use some advise before i start cutting into my freg...ty again everyone

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Not sure on the regulator... do you have an exhaust vent and what size is it? If not you might not be getting any draft to pull in fresh air. I would think some holes in the bottom would help.  Also....

Need Some Pics to be able to really help you out....if possible.



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hi, yes i had a 4" pipe thru the roof but instad of going all the way thru i just drilled a lotta 1/4" holes that were inside the pipe that dropped down...i looked and half my holes were stopped up, so i cut the whole thing out so now its drawing much better...plus i found out that when i was opening r closeing the door the vacuume r air from opening/closeing was blowing the fire out...this may help someone else in the future who knows...but its working, now i need to get a needle valve to fine tune...but ty so much for ur help...i'll work on getting pic...tc

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Ok now i remember the build.... you drilled the holes to make a grate over the hole. You could put a piece of expanded metal over the hole if you are worried about something getting in.  I have the same problem with my custom cabinet smoker blowing the burner out if I open or close the door too fast, when I have it dialed down low.  Be careful you are not making a propane bomb by blowing it out by accident, then checking it with some kind of spark near by.

Had a close call my self once!


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hi, i was thinking just to be on the safe side to always put a lit sterno can with the burner so if it does go out it will lite back from the sterno...any idea's on that? i don't like playing with fire and gas is twice as bad....ty again

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