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October TD Honorable Mention - disqualified (but definitely worth mentioning) - Page 2

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Squirrel you are a nut and a creative person.  That snake fatty just blew me away. That whole spread was rocking and rolling!

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mballi nailed it.....WOW and WOW!


You just never cease to amaze us Squirrel!!!!  The creativity and imagination, from the insanely incredibly snake, right down to the pumpkins is phenomenal!!  


Looking forward to your next entry.   


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Dang Cheryl,  How much time did you spend doing that?  It is AWESOME...

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SQUIRREL - You CRAZY!!!  love all the great ideas!!

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WOW UNBELIEVABLE JOB!!! Like someone else said you make me fat and happy (more fat) You Rock Cheryl

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Still #1 In My Book!!!





No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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I'm just plain Dumb-struck!

Everything was amazing!

Be careful not to light a candle near a window---Those firemen will be watching your house very closely!!!!






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We all bow before you Ohh Great Squirrel!!!!



You are Da' Master of this domain!



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I couldn't believe what I was seeing here, Cheryl!  Outstanding entry, even if it didn't qualify.

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I do not have words to explain how insanely awesome that is... my jaw literally dropped when i saw that pick... by the time i got to your Q-View of the process my head exploded... crap! that was just plain awesome!


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Simply amazing doesn't seem to cut it but that's all I can come up with!


Well done Squirrel!!!!!

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I am in the presence of an Artist!  Just OMG WOW!

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I move for a write-in vote!  That is one good looking spread.

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Christ onna cracker... why was it DQ'd? That entry's amazing. 

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Dang, Squirrel that's the best single post spread I've ever seen.  DAMN RULES!!  ha!   I know one thing for sure, your house will NEVER burn down... you probably have to call OFF the local FD every time you light up your smoker... heck, I'd be over there just to make sure everything was okay!

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Good Lord Almighty!   You are one talented lady..  Sorry for the DQ, but you should be very proud.  That was a lot of work that looked amazing!  You have WAY too much time on your hands LOL


Just let me know when your NOT going to compete so that I might think I have a chance! LMAO

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I think I might just disqualify myself each time, heck I got my very on thread and a spot on the carousel! LOL! I'd rather have that than a prize!

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Fantastic work and a lot of it Cheryl! When the heck do you sleep woman? The spread is fit for a King and the snake is just awesome. I guess I kinda understand the DQ, no, no I don't, not really. Maybe because who could really compete against that?


Once again I am awed by the amount of work involved and I am very impressed with the amount of detail in every aspect, as well as your great sense of humor. 


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I see Squirrel doing all these cooks with waaaay more food than any single gal can eat by herself, and always wonder what it's all for. Then she mentioned the local firehouse and the lightbulb went off......   She's not dummy! LOL




(..... *sigh*.... I used to look like that... till I discovered SMF!..... well maybe not... lol).

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