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October TD Honorable Mention - disqualified (but definitely worth mentioning)

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There was an entry this month that was disqualified from the contest. Because of the overall effort, and abundance of creativity behind the entry, I think it's worth an honorable mention.


Squirrel's Halloween Spread Fattie (disqualified because there was more than one plate entered)


Cherry cobbler wrapped in cinnamon rolls, cheesesteak snake (using 7 cheeses), turkey leg dinner - turkey, dressing, cranberries; chicken quesadilla with black beans and spicy rice wrapped in a tortilla weave.


She hand carved the two pumpkins in the back! Check out the one with the SMF logo!


snake stuffed fatty.jpg

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Chin Up Squirrel, that is a lot of great work.


Also wanted you to know I had one DQ'd for putting the wrong word on the paper when I took the picture. 

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That all looks AMAZING! Any one of those would have had a good chance at winning, but the cherry cobbler takes the cake. Great work Squirrel.

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Wow Squirrell, what a spread!!  You'd get my vote if i could give it!

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WOW, WOW WOW...... That's all I have to say.  Truly speechless. 

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Thanks everybody! I don't feel bad about it. It was a blast doing it and the most important thing is that I get to share it with all my buddies!!! I can assure you of one thing though, THAT WILL NOT HAPPEN AGAIN. I'm gettin' ready for November's TD!


Sorry to you too bbally for writing the wrong word. I almost messed up on that too because as I started my pumpkin carving I actually started with "fattie" instead of "stuffed". Man, that would have been a double whammy!


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great effort!!!!!!!!!!!

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Originally Posted by Squirrel View Post


Sorry to you too bbally for writing the wrong word. I almost messed up on that too because as I started my pumpkin carving I actually started with "fattie" instead of "stuffed". Man, that would have been a double whammy!


Mine was a while back.  Same thing I think I wrote smoked or something like that and sent it in.... then I get the PM.... did the same response you did, it was fun making it and got to at least show it anyway.


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damn girl, you got way too much time on your hands.  i would weigh 3 to 4 hundred pounds with you making food like that!

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Squirrel, That is totally unbelievicibal, fantastical, and superbilicious!!!


I can't even imagine how much time you spent on that!


I love the snake---How'd you make the head????


You could do some awesome chainsaw work!


Yes there are girls (ladies/women) doing chainsaw carving---Even in big competitions!!!



Beautiful job Squirrel, and I thought the squirrels that used to attack my bird feeder were talented !!!!




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I bow before the alter of Squirrel! Cheryl that is outstanding! Looks great, super original, and I'm sure it tasted great - hopefully you had a small army to help you eat it!


I feel for you on the entry spoiler......... but at least now my chances went up by about 5000%, you would have burried my entry.... lol.

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Wow!!! I am now totally intimidated form ever submiiting an entry. How can I compete with the likes of that. Quantity AND quality. Impressive.

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WOW Cheryl that is some awesome food. I am with Bear - how did you do the snake?

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That all looks awesome

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Here's some more pictures, sorry for so many, but I wanted you to see some fun stuff!


I used a cornish game hen breast section for the head of my sneaky snake.




Here's the smoked hunk of steak I used in the cheesesteak snake. Man was it good. Not as good as the dry aged one, but still really good.




Here's the seven cheeses: goat's milk brie, stilton bleu, mozzarella, swiss, goat, sharp cheddar and monteray jack.




A better shot of the snake head, I used some of the stuffing I made for the other fattie and rolled them into balls, took a peeler and whacked a piece from a cucumber to make the slits for the eyes. I have no idea how I came up with that one but it worked. I actually like this picture better than the one I submitted, but I forgot to put the glaze on the cherry cobbler fatty, and it bugged me that you could see the furniture in the background. LOL!






Here's more of the snake, I forgot to take one of him cut open, it was so good. I used five rolls of JD regular sausage. I took it to the guys at the volunteer fire dept. They loved it.













Here's the weave I did for the "turkey leg". I just twisted the bacon before weaving.





Homemade dressing and orange zest cranberry sauce. It sure is glowing in that picture. Hmmm... I also cooked some real turkey legs and pulled the meat from them to put in this one.








Cherry Cobbler fattie:






I used canned cinnamon rolls:






Chicken quesadilla. I wrapped it in bacon and smoked it, then I wrapped it in plain old flour tortilla's I sliced up, then I deep fried it. OMG it was really yummy. It has some white meat chicken, beans and rice. I ate it with sour cream, pico de gallo and lettuce.










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WOW I know your pain there Girl friend. I also had a opp's on my posting. But I have to give it to you. You definatly did one he... of a job in all that prepping and smoking to put that thing together for sure. I knew you would be hard to beat. I just now saw the making of this throwdown almost entry and I do have one question well maybe 2. #1 Is there a grocery store in the back of your house. If not you most have one heck of a pantry. #2 Now do you feed the soup kitchen in your town. Because I remember reading that you don't usually eat most of the food that you smoke. I'm the same way but I have 3 growing kids that live is the front house that can eat my stuff.

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Dang it I'm hungry and now I'm hungrier!!!!!!

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Old MacDonald called and would like his farm back...... or at least the 12 pigs.... lol.


That is one hell of an impressive bacon weave there.

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