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Yoder YS 640 Pellet Smoker Reviews

Positive Reviews

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YS 640


Pros: Built like a tank..heavy gauge steel, ability to grill or smoke. digitial theromostate. Made in USA, warrenty

Cons: Caster wheels too small, hard to move on uneven surface. Shelf/handle needs to be stiffer,,bends when you pick it up to move smoker.

I had been looking at the Yoder pellet grill for the last several years.  Have always like the way they look and the quality of the construction...Like the heavy steel,,welds are smooth and lid fits nice and firm into body of grill.  It is made here in Kansas with a great customer service dept.  The operation of the tempature controls is easy and straight forward...The hopper will hold 20lbs of pellets and thus far I am using about 2lbs per hour(with ambiant temp of 50 degrees) and average cook temp of 250.  I added the second shelf to mine and have liked this option.  Also like the damper system, that can be used to grill, smoke or to make two different temp...
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Super product.....but, even better customer service.


Pros: Easy, even for me

Cons: wife wishes it was built in (I can be!)

Many products have a problem at some time in their life.  My Yoder 640 was one of those products.  Here is what is different.  You all know that sinking feeling when you have a problem....and get ready to call customer service.  We sort of steel ourselves to be prepared for the response....or actually, lack thereof.  NOT AT YODER.  After fully explaining my problems to Joey, he and his company completely exceeded my expectations.  My customer service experience was world class - rivaling famed LL Bean, Amica Insurance and other.  This is old honor.  They better be careful though.....this kind of customer service is going to create raving...
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Negative Reviews


Poor quality


Pros: I can "literally" cook food with it, but heck, I can do that in my fire ring in my backyard.

Cons: Lid leaks like a sieve!

I am the unfortunate owner of a YS640, and must say that mine is near junk.  It leaks almost more smoke out of the left side of the cover than the smoke stack puts out, which is flipping absurd.  Heck, the local Ace is constantly cooking on their Louisiana cookers they sell, and I have yet to see one leak like this thing does, which is embarrassing.  I chose Yoder because I could visually see a major difference in the quality between the Louisiana vs the Yoder.  Unfortunately one can't tell exactly what the seal is like when it is wrapped, as mine was, and thus all I had to go on was the demo Yoder unit ...
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YS480 Review


Pros: Built like a tank. Made in USA

Cons: Pellet hopper has caught fire twice. Doesn't always start if you don't remove grates, drip pan, and clean ashes off glow-rod.

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So Far So Good.


Pros: Easy of use. Easy of set up. Function.

Cons: None so far.

Well I have had a 640 now for two moths. Smokes 4 times. Came very professionally packages banded on a pallet delivered to the edge of my garage. I ordered factory direct. I ordered the grilling grates but have not used them yet. Broke it in as commanded. I have done 4 briskets so far I including a lean cut. Everything has turned out great. Still getting my sea legs on it but the info I have found on it has been very helpful. I made the best ribs I have every made on them a few weeks ago. I will post some pictures as soon as I can. Have been using pecan so far. Tomorrow will try mesquite for some chicken halves. I have not had the negative experience so far that the other user had with...
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Amazing Cooker. Amazing service. Made in Kansas, USA.


Pros: Easy to use, awesome food, built like a tank, customer service

Cons: H E A V Y

This is one amazing cooker. I have been cooking on a Weber for years and I am disappointed I haven't bought a Yoder sooner. It can grill a better steak then my Weber and it smokes the best meat I have ever cooked. If you're in the market for a new cooker this is the right decision, no doubt!

I love my Yoder!


Pros: Super solid. Holds temperatures well. Sears better than many pellet smokers. Flexible.

Cons: Default wheels are too weak. No easy way to remove pellets.

I looked at a lot of pellet grills. My only reluctance is that I didn't buy the bigger model. I use it all the time and love it. shows my cooks.

Needs a few improvemnts


Pros: Cooks evenly, Great construction with heavy gauge steel, Easy to use.

Cons: Casters are too small, needs a better way to remove pellets from hopper and from ignition chamber. Excessive wind can cause back burn

I have been using my Yoder YS 640 for about 3 weeks and have had great success in regards to cooking pork butts, ribs, brisket. I think the ease of being able to control the cooking temp, if smoking or grilling is fantastic.   The problems that I think can use a little attention by Yoder are the casters on the front of the cart. I went through the front 2 castors on the first day moving it onto my deck as all the ball bearings had fallen out. I was given a replacement pair to find that the same thing happened the 3 time I moved the cart (it was moved 7 feet across a timber deck) For such a well made BBQ I would think that they would have spent the extra $$$ on decent...
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Well built, but a couple tweaks are needed.


Pros: Great capacity, quality construction, easy to use, set it and forget it!

Cons: Wheels/casters are almost an afterthought.

Purchased a Yoder after decided a pellet smoker is the way to go, and not being impressed with the gauge of metal I saw in the Traegers. To be honest, mine smoker will be stored outdoors in a humid climate, and I wanted the extra stout construction the Yoder provides. I have cooked with it 5 times so far, and it is truly a set it an forget it proposition. I generally set it at 225, but if time is short and the meat isn't quite done you can kick it up to 300 or 350 quite quickly to speed things along. My digital thermometer is in general agreement with the electronic sensor in the smoker, and when cooking on an 85 degree day the temps inside the grill were relatively uniform in the 4...
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Absolutely Awesome!


Pros: Built like a tank, great support, made in the USA!

Huge amount of room in the cooker, made of heavy steel, MADE IN THE USA! › Smokers & More › Smokers › Pellet Smokers › Yoder YS 640 Pellet Smoker › Yoder YS 640 Pellet Smoker Reviews