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Weston Pro Series #22 Food Grinder 1HP


Pros: Strong, reversible, easily cleaned.

Cons: Its heavy (is that a con?)

I do the raw dog food thing and grind up about 40 lbs of meat a month and it does it in about 20-30 minutes. Chicken, turkey, pork, what ever, bones and all. Im not sure why I mentioned it had reverse, Ive never used it, it powers through everything Ive thrown at it, legs, backs, necks, Its possible this is what happened to Jimmy Hoffa. I cant wait to start stuffing sausage and making hamburger.

I started with an attachment to my mixer. When I killed that I bought a small POS, that didnt last long and I bought this thing. It came UPS and the delivery guy dropped it in front of my gate and when my wife beat me home, she couldn't move it ( did I say it was heavy?)


Buy it, you wont be dissapointed. 


Pros: Heavy duty, powerful, easy to clean, easy to use

Cons: Heavy

Haven't had much time with it as I moved overseas before really getting to use it. But the short amount I put through it makes it seem, to me, that it is a good investment. Will be using it for a lot of prep when I do get back and will update then. But I don't see anything from my short use that would make me mark this down, except for the weight. It is heavy. But that heaviness definitely translates to a good build quality.

Weston Pro Series #22 Food Grinder 1HP

Weston #22 Stainless Steel Pro - Series Electric Meat Grinder And Stuffer is up to the biggest processing jobs... grinds 9 - 12 lbs. per minute! Why leave your processing to an amateur? This Weston #22 Stainless Steel Pro-Series Electric Meat Grinder And Stuffer is a commercial-quality Meat Grinder, ready to serve your needs as a professional chef, gourmet cook, outdoors game-processor, or as a guy who wants the job done the fast, easy, efficient way. With all-metal construction, Weston #22 is solid and sturdy, and extremely quiet in operation with a powerful 750 watt, 1 hp. motor that easily grinds through 9-12 lbs of meat per minute. Details: Powerful 750 watt, 1 hp. permanently lubricated air cooled motor easily grinds 9-12 lbs. per minute; Forward and reverse function prevents clogging; Stainless steel cutting knife and all metal gear construction for optimal grinding performance and a lifetime of use; Offset head design with locking knob allows maximum meat flow; Extra large stainless steel oval hopper measures over 15 x 10 x 2 1/2... solid heavy-duty stomper; Disassembles for easy clean-up; Non-slip rubber feet for stability plus sturdy handle for easy moving. Includes 2 grinding plates: Coarse (3/10) and Medium (1/5); Comes with complete sausage making kit: 3 stuffing funnels with flanges: 20 mm (4/5), 30 mm or (1 1/5) and 40 mm (1 3/5), Cyclone High Speed Stuffing Auger.

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Height24.6 inches
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TitleWeston Pro Series #22 Food Grinder 1HP
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