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WESTON #86-0701-W 7 Lb. Vertical Sausage Stuffer

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Pros: No clamping needed, easy to use and reload. nice long horns/tubes, no nylon gears

Cons: welding, polishing of Stainless Steel looks a bit sloppy.

Amazon Prime Day 2015 was my purchase date.  I had been searching for a stuffer for a few weeks, but waited until this date to see if there were any great deals.  Weston 86-0701-W Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffer, 7-Pound


There weren't any great deals.  I did see this unit Weston 86-0701-W Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffer, 7-Pound at Amazon for $149.99.  I liked the idea of getting something a bit bigger than a 5# model, since most of batches are 5#, I wanted to make sure I was never filling twice.  Since then I have had a few 12# batches, oh well ;-)  


First unit that arrived - The first unit that arrived turned out to be a refurbished one.  it had nicks and scratches, but worked fine.  I only figured it out when I went to register the product and it had a sticker on the warranty card saying it was a refurbished unit.  I have bought things from Amazon before that are clearly noted as returns or refurbs.  They carry the same Amazon warranties, so I have had good luck with them.  But you are told right up front, that the discounted price is due to its condition.  On this particular purchase there was no warning.  I used it heavily that weekend and then promptly returned it.  I felt slighted and cheated - bait and switch.


Second Unit - I then reordered the same unit from Amazon, 10 days later, same price.  This one arrived brand spanking new.  Full warranty etc.  I have used it now 6 times for about 75# of meat.I have made sticks, sausages and even some 1 1/2" summer sausages.  


The unit works fine.  I have tried some one man stuffing, but the wife is a willing participant and it goes quicker with two.  Could you use it alone?  Yes, but you might want to clamp it down then, it tends to slip just a bit.


Cranking is not too hard, but I am a big guy.  I think my wife has cranked it a bit, but would not last with 20# in one day.


Clean up is rather easy.


Negatives - there is an pressure release spring and cap on the plunger/pusher.  It is fastened with a slip washer/pin (proper name?) that is a pain to get on and off.  It must come on and off for good cleaning, but I risk gauging my fingers each time I take it on or off.


The first couple of times we used it, we had one point about 2/3 way down the hpper/bin when cranking got really hard, after a few uses we realized that one of the gear teeth from inside the cabinet had broken a bit off and was stuck in the plunger's teeth.  when i removed that, the cranking issue disappeared.  However, there are a couple pieces of teeth that I can hear rattling about in the gear box now.  Still works fine, but I made sure to get my warranty in on time.  (Why no online registration Weston?).


Yes, it does leave a big of meat in the bend and horn/stuffing tube.  We have tried adding bread to the hopper to push that through, but have ultimately just used the last meat as little patties and fried them up as a reward for the stuffing work.  


Yes, I would recommend this project.

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WESTON #86-0701-W 7 Lb. Vertical Sausage Stuffer

Sausage Stuffer Physical Characteristics Material: Rubber - Feet Material: Stainless Steel Material: Steel Miscellaneous Package Contents: 7 lb Capacity Manual Vertical Sausage Stuffer 13 mm for Snack Stick 20 mm for Pepperoni & Bratwurst 30 mm for Summer Sausage 40 mm for Luncheon Meats Additional Information: Pressure release valve Disassembles for easy clean up Canister tilts out for quick loading

FeatureMPN: WES-86-0701-W
TitleWESTON #86-0701-W 7 Lb. Vertical Sausage Stuffer
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