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A Review On: Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer

Weston 61-0901-W Heavy Duty Food 9-Inch Slicer

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Pros: metal body, slices well

Cons: Plastic worn gear

Second time using it and the plastic worm gear stripped. Not what I was expecting after using it twice. Both times slicing belly bacon. Sliced well when it was working. Motor Seemed to be pretty strong for a home owner slicer.  Mostly metal construction. I just hope Weston has a metal replacement gear?


I just bought one of these and it arrived today!
guess I better order a box of worm gears!
Well I can tell ya, their $7.85 a piece if you have to buy them. Be sure to send in your warranty card. I didnt do that thinking it is new so I shouldnt have to worry about anything. WRONG! Anyway a nice lady emailed me back and told me to send in my card and she would cover it under warranty. So that made me feel some better. OH, I did ask and was told they dont make this gear out of metal. Plastic ONLY.
SDiverf40: How many did you order?
I haven't used my slicer yet, I am half tempted to just send it back and look elswhere.
Can you give me the part number I think I will order a couple of them right now so I have them if and when I need them.
The part number is 61-0923 Weston covered it under warranty so i'm only getting one. IF it fails again, Lisa ( customer service ) told me she would make it right. She didnt say another gear or money back. I'll just have to wait and see what happens. SO far the customer service is outstanding. I just wish I felt the same about the slicer.
I unpacked the slicer today getting reasdy to slice my pastrami that has been resting overnight in the fridge. Cleaned all the surfaces and the blade. Hit the pwere switch and the blade is turning at 60 rpm's! Thats right 60, I am able to time it while I count the revolutions off one of the three blade mounting screws! This cannot be right! I emailed Weston, But I am not to hopeful seeing as how I emailed them about the worm gears after reading your post. I figured it wouldn't hurt to have one laying around in case I needed it. Well Weston has yet to respond to my email for the part.
Okay so I decided what the hell. The slicer is cleaned up and on my processing table anyway so the worst that can happen is it wont do what I need it to and just because my grandma turns around faster than the blade I decided to give it a go and see what it did.
I had smoked up a "quick" pastrami and had it resting in the fridge since yesterday so I pulled it out and got ready to run it through. From experience with my grinder and jerky slicer I knew that a bit of silicone food spray on all the contact parts is a good thing so I sprayed the blade the table and the slide tray runner. I put my 3lb briskit on the tray and to my surprise the machine sliced through it clean and quick, I speeded up a bit and the machine kept pace without so much as a hickup! I finished slicing the pastrami and after smapling a few of the ragged peices, I put the slices into bags and into the fridge and began the cleanup, All in all for the firsat time out in spite of my serious doubts about it's quality the 9" heavy duty slicer by Weston did the job intended immpressively.
I wont be sending it back based upon its performance so far.
As for speed and doing a good job I like the 9in weston. It was just heart breaking to see a plastic gear when everything else was well made. So far the 2nd gear is hold up well. Only time will tell. I did make sure i put some extra grease on the worm gear. The factory gear didnt have much on it when I removed it.
IF you dont get a reply to your email soon. Try emailing Lisa Eagle She made things right and was fast about it.