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Western Pecan Mini Logs


Pros: Easy to use, good length for firebox, seasoned wood

Cons: almost to dry, heavy bags, lots of extra tree bark in bag

Was wanting to smoke some pork butts over pecan, to see what flavor profile I would get.  Picked these up at my local Academy, for around $11.99.  Cleaned up the firebox, rubbed some butts, and lite the propane torch, to get these mini logs a smoking.  First thing I noticed, is that this wood was very dry, and I had to really close down my firebox, or the wood would burn, not just smoke.  I had to really watch the temperature gauge, and as soon as the temperature started dropping, add more wood to the box, as it had burned through what was in there.  Once I got the wood smoking, it worked out good.  Wood is nice split, with good heartwood from the tree, not just branches and twigs.  There seemed to be alot more tree bark in the bag then what was from the wood, which left me have to clean it up off my porch, but I am always trying to clean up after I BBQ, so it wasn't too big a deal.  Overall, it was something that I will look to again, and since I can get the same bags with Hickory, Mesquite and Apple(apple is more expensive, like 26.99, if I am remembering correctly) from my Academy, I don't think I will be breaking out my chainsaw anytime too soon.  

Western Pecan Mini Logs

6" - 8" logs are ideal for extended smoking and grilling or for a large amount of food Can also be used for fire pits, fireplaces and campfires Seasoned and dried for consistent burning 1.5 cu. ft. bag

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