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Weber Style Digital Thermometer

25% Positive Reviews
Rated #20 in Digital Probe


Pros: Works everytime

Cons: Pain to reset

I've had this therm for over a year it has not given me any trouble except resetting after new batteries. I smoke 2-3 times a week and have only replaced the batteries twice so far. It's accurate and does it's job. Yes I would recommend this therm and would buy another one.


Pros: inexpensive, good on batteries, basic, simple, lit display

Cons: single probe, preset temps, short range, only single display

I've had this model thermometer (Oregon Scientific name on it) for almost 10 years. When I first started getting interested in smoking meat. It did the job for basic cooking (roasts, birds, etc). Once the "chef" gets bitten by the smoking bug, it's inadequate (not severely as I still use it on occasion).


Temps only go as high as 180, so forget using it for brisket or butts. Only a single probe. 


Some days the signal drops out and loses connection to the base/receiver for no reason. Not often, only occasionally. 


The batteries last a good while. I use mine maybe 2 times a year and it always turns on. It will shut itself off after 12 hours unless you tap a button. I found this out a couple days ago when cooking a brisket. Display on the receiver has large font making it easy to read at a distance. 


For an entry level unit, it does what it's supposed to. It's accurate when tested against known good thermometers. I hang onto it for the simple fact that it works and use it when I'm smoking multiple chunks of meat. I'm not sure on the transmitting range/power. A good thick wall or separated by a room will kill the signal/connection, but the temperature alarms work well enough that you can hear them when the receiver is out of site.


Bottom line, it does what it's supposed to but for a few dollars more you can get a dual probe unit that is volumes better. You can get a Maverick for a couple dollars more.


Pros: Large display

Cons: Signal drops often, no way to choose your own temperature

The therm does not actually let you set the alarm temps you want. There are a couple of preset temps that you can choose from and the seem highly arbitrary to me. The signal seems to get lost for no reason at all and nothing but a reset will help. New batteries does not alleviate the problem.


It seems Weber has finally figured they can use their good name to sell crap and thus make even higher profits.


Pros: Cool idea. Nicely finished.

Cons: Loses signal and doesn't report temperature. Also, I can't adjust the "doneness" setting.

Ditto what most people seem to be saying about losing the signal. One moment it's working and the next it 0 degrees. The inability to change from anything but well done is really annoying. The search for a quality remote thermometer continues.


Cons: Could not get RF signal consistently,

I got this Therm on Sale but it was not even worh the sale price. I could not keep RF signal and with no digital read out at the transmitter it was totally worthless. 


Pros: Not too expensive, easy to use,

Cons: Drops connection or won't connect at all. Can't continue beyond preset temperature.

The unit is very simple. Choose your meat (within the presets, so nothing too exotic). Choose the doneness (within the  presets) and it will beep when the temp is reached. The problem is if you want to cook meat to a higher temp than well-done, like for brisket or pulled pork, all you can do is 'let it scream'. It will beep every several minutes, even if you click it. An alternative is to select the meat with the highest well-done temp and use that, but the limit is still under 200 degrees.


Of course all this depends on if the base unit connects to the display unit. About half the time I cannot get it to connect. The other half it loses connection off and on. Haven't found any way to make sure it will work. A number of times I have just had to forego using a meat thermometer and go by time.


This used to be one of the only available wireless units and easy to find at any hardware outlet, but with the alternatives out there, best stay away from this one. 


Pros: Easy to set up and use Seems to be accurate enough

Cons: Poor longevity --- I've had 2 The receiver frequently drops connection with the base unit

My first one lasted about a year

The second one didn't make it through it's first use



Pros: Seems to be accurate...

Cons: Frequently loses connection, predefined temps

I picked up this thermometer at a California Backyard outlet for $34.99.  After using it 3 times, I would say it is little more than adequate. 

Pros include:


Large very readable display.  It displays the predefined target temperature as well as the actual temperature.


Metal mesh shroud on temperature probe wire


Easy to use


Seems to be accurate enough




The receiver frequently drops connection with the base unit

The first time I used it, I had no problems at all.  The base sender unit (transmitter) and the receiver stayed connected throughout the entire smoke.  The second time I used it, I lost connection a couple of times.  The third time I used it, I thought the batteries might be low, so I replaced them and reset the units per the directions.  No joy.  I repeatedly lost connection while sitting no more than 15 feet away from the transmitter.  It's easy enough to reestablish the link, but it does get irritating.


No control over alarms. 

Predefined choices for meat; Beef, Chicken, Pork, Hamburger, Turkey, Fish & Veal, with predefined temperatures for Well done, Medium, Medium Rare and Rare.  When smoking meat rather than grilling, one always exceeds the "Well done" definition programmed in the receiver.  This results in getting unnecessary alarms.  Not a big deal, but it would be great to be able to set it manually.


So, bottom line, is it does the job, though not as elegantly as I had hoped.  It's fairly accurate - the proof is in the pudding as they say.  The result of the smoking session gives me meat that is done when the temperature gives me the reading I'm looking for.

Weber Style Digital Thermometer

Digial thermometer with remote receiver.

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