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Weber 741001 22.5-Inch One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill, Black

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Pros: Price is great.

Cons: Legs need to be modded to make it more stable.

I was able to upgrade my unit to use the other collection pan. Pit perfectly on it and no problems. I got this used from a friend. He got my smokey Joe and I got the 22 1/2. Now that I upgraded the unit to the nicer ash pan, I just need to drill the lid for a thermometer.


Pros: Durability & Longevity - This Grill Does It All

Cons: Replacing the top grate. (About every five years).

I got my Weber One-Touch Silver, Kettle Grill back in May of 1992. At that time, I don't think it was designated as a 'Silver' but this grill has been like my 'baby' ever since acquiring it back then.  It has never had a cover and there is still to this day (over 20 years), very little rust except on the 'cleaning blades' at the bottom (one of them finally broke off this past year). It still has the original 'charcoal grate' and I'm on my fourth 'grilling grate' (which I seem to replace about every five years at Home Depot).  There is a slight 'dent' in the lid where I dropped it square on the handle about ten years ago but it never affected the way it cooked. Now for the good stuff:


I NEVER use the easy-light charcoal.  Just stack some charcoal (Kingsford is the best) in the middle (if I'm grilling) or on a side (if I'm smoking or BBQ'ing), add some lighter fluid and light them up.  Spread charcoal in middle (grilling) when coals are ashed up good or if smoking, add a few damp wood chips on top.


Grilling - Burgers, Steaks, Chicken, Hot Dogs, Sausage, etc.  The grilling grate is in a fixed position but if you use a moderate amount of charcoal, this thing will get HOT and cook at a pretty good pace. Keep up with what you're cooking and it doesn't take but a few times to determine what amount of charcoal to use for the amount of food you're going to grill. I do use the lid to give an 'Oven Effect' and keep the vent wide open at all times.  You can't make a bad meal on this thing unless you just totally ignore what you're doing. 


Smoking (and BBQ) - Stack about 20-30 charcoal briquets on one side against the wall of the grill and get it heated up. Once charcoal is heated up pretty good, put on food (I'm going to use a Boston Butt for this example), put butt on the opposite side of the charcoal and line up the lid's vent to the meat side.  Close the vent about 1/4-1/2 open. Cook butt for around 30-40 minutes per pound and add about ten-fifteen charcoal briquets on top of the ashed ones about every hour or so.  In the last two hours of cooking, add some 'damp' wood chips.  I soak mine in water when I start for about the first hour and then remove from the water and set aside.  Ribs are great too but reduce the cooking time to about 2-3 hrs for a couple of racks of baby backs.  Chickens and even Turkeys come out good on this grill as a smoker too.  Smaller turkeys and chickens about 20 minutes/pound bigger ones probably about 30.


There's no real need to go and spend upwards of $300 on any grill when this one will do as good or better job than nearly anything on the market. Take the extra money and buy Kingsford charcoal. I've probably spent over 20 times the cost of this grill on charcoal over my twenty-plus years of using this grill.  There is no better bang-for-the-buck grill anywhere on Earth.  Now, it's time I went and got me another one! 


Pros: Easy to use, service after the sale, Price, Construction, smokes with the best of em.

Cons: none really

  1. Got Married
  2. Bought a house
  3. Bought a Weber OTS grill


This thing has survived tornadoes, tropical storm remnants, Hail, ice, high winds, high heat. Still looks great, Works great. This thing smokes a butt as well as anything. for the price, there isn't a more capable piece of backyard culinary equipment. After being semi retired for a number of years, it was pulled out because the Fancy Propane grill decided to fall apart after a few years. The inside rotted and rusted , it wasn't worth fixing  after the dog finished it off. I will never have another Propane grill. The Weber was opened up and was in perfect condition. I still have the original wheels and grates. Ash catcher, etc is all original. 


That said, the Price is both a PRO and CON. The OTS is the bare bones grill and there isn't a better value in my mind. Even the OTG with a few upgrades ( grate, ash catcher) is a good way to go. but If you want to get into the bigger size kettles or kettles with more features like side tables and starters etc, you'll pay for them. 


I've had this grill for over a decade and I'm still producing some great stuff on it.  It does higher heat and slow and low, so for those that are budget minded, you can't go wrong with this.




I've had all kinds of charcoal grills.  They've rusted, they've burned up, they've come and gone.  But none have the staying power, nor the cooking power that this Weber kettle grill has.  I can start a load of charcoal, cook my meal, and if I'm done before the charcoal is completely burned up, I can simply cut off the air supply below, close the vent on top and set the lid on the grill and I'll still have charcoal to 'reburn' next time.  You can put all your coals to one side and cook chicken or turkey legs on indirect heat (and smoking), or spread them evenly and have a nice charcoal burger.  Simply love this grill.  A must have.


Pros: They just work

Cons: None come to mind

There are lots of imitators but do not mess around get the original kettle cooker. It can do it all from a grate full of burgers and hots, to a smoked duck or shorties. If not for this grill I would never have discovered the joys of indirect BBQ which lead me into the world of smoking meats.


Pros: Good value, even cooking, durable, easy to find replacement parts

Cons: None

I've had my Weber 22.5" charcoal grill for over two years now, and I absolutely love it.  It's been heavily used (1-4 times per week) since I bought it, and it's still just as great as it was the day I got it.  It cooks evenly.  The build quality is outstanding, and the only thing I've had to replace is the grate and the ash pan.  I can't recommend it enough.


Pros: It's the best there is. I can hang the lid on the kettle.

Cons: Back legs keep coming off. Ash tray is a hassle to take off, clean, and put back on.

I'm on my second Weber.  I bought my first one years ago when it came with wood handles. On that one, the enamelpaint inside the lid and kettle flaked off after about 8 years of use and I gave it away. I keep this one in my garage. I really wanted the Gold One-Touch with the detachable ash container but it was more than I was willing to pay for the exact same grill with this one difference. So, putting up with the inconvenience of the ash tray on this model, I purchased the Silver One-Touch.


I simply love this grill. To me, there is no grilling other than charcoal grilling, even though it could take me 30 minutes or more to light the coals with an electric lighter. I bought the Weber charcoal chimney and now the coals are ready for grilling in 15-20 minutes.


The only things I don't like about this Weber are:


1. The two rear legs both come off when I'm rolling it between my garage and my backyard. Living in Washington state, I have to store the grill in my garage to keep it dry. I haven't contacted Weber yet to ask them how to solve the problem; the only thing I can think of is to duct tape the legs to the body, which wouldn't look pretty. I think the kettle is still under warranty and i just emailed Weber about it.


2. It's not the easiest grill to clean. Maybe there are people in this group who know how to spotlessly clean the inside of the kettle who can give me some tips. I'm not looking for spotless, but just to get out as much baked on grease and grime as I can. For the past two years when I took the Weber out of winter hibernation, white fungus had grown on the cooking grate and on the insides of the lid and the kettle, even though I scrubbed down this grill last year before placing the protective cover over it and placing it in storage. I'd also like to know how to prevent that from happening again.


3. The old cooking grate had lift-up gates on each side add more coals. This model just has two wide, long slots on each side, which I don't find as convenient. I just read a review that says the Gold On-Touch has the old-style hinged cooking grates. I bet I could buy that cooking grate separately from Weber when it's time to replace the current one.


But overall, with this Weber grill, I feel like a pro. It retains heat for a long time without having to add coals. Everything I grill comes out looking incredibly moist and beautiful; you can see the juices on top of whatever's on the cooking grate.  My daughter has asked me to teach her how to grill this summer.  I couldn't ask for a better grill to teach her on.


Pros: Superior to any other grill

Cons: None so far

I absolutely love my Weber. I don't ever wanna grill a steak ever again on anything other than my Weber. So many useful accessories offered and all high quality. Great product, great companyThumbs Up


Pros: It was a gift. Semi portable, VERY long life.

Cons: the legs fall off occasionally, and my wooden handle, vanish'd

My mom got me this grill in like 1995 - 96, just after i moved out, and ive used it ever since.  So for like 17 years, it's cooked pork steaks, and t-bones, and chicken.  It's moved with me thru houses, roommates and girlfriends.  It's the one i learned on.  Mine had a wood handle, which fell away, the legs fall off when i pick it up to dump the ash's, i had to replace the lower grill about a year ago, but this little Weber has lasted a long, LONG time.  We us it for our traditional first snow bbq every year still.  I'll get my boys one like it when they move out, for sure.  Weber makes a great grill...

Silly me just figured out if you add a few pieces of hickory when you put in the meat, you'll get a smokey flavor to it all... WOO HOO !


Pros: Inexpensive, easy to get started

Cons: Too small, ash cleaning

This really is a good starter grill.  Easy to grill for a small family.  


Instead of separating the coals for indirect cooking I place all of my coals on one side and the food on the other.  This seems to work best for me and allows me to control the heat a little better.


One of these is what I learned to smoke on.  Though small, you can still cook a couple of racks of ribs, a butt or small turkey.  As my family grew (3 kids and spouses and 8 grand kids regularly visit) I've added a Weber Ranch Kettle to my stable.  This is still my go to for grilling for just me and my wife or for grilling the small items during a long smoke on the Ranch.


I've now inherited a second one from my Dad when they moved into an apartment.  I plan on getting a Kettle Pizza accessory and leaving it on the second one full time.


These things really last a long time and its easy to get replacement grates if needed.

Weber 741001 22.5-Inch One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill, Black

The One-Touch 22-1/2-inch Silver Kettle cuts a clean, familiar profile that's become synonymous with delicious grilled meals and family fun. This classic Weber Kettle has been enhanced with our exclusive One-Touch Cleaning System. One tug on the lever below the bowl sweeps ashes into the removable ash catcher. Porcelain enamel coats the lid and bowl for years and years of rust-proof, chip-resistant service. Fire it up.

BindingLawn & Patio
FeatureOne-Touch cleaning and venting system
Is Autographed0
Is Memorabilia0
Height35 inches
Weight34 pounds
Width25 inches
List Price$99.70
Package Quantity1
Product GroupLawn & Patio
TitleWeber 741001 22.5-Inch One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill, Black
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