Excellent Smoker, user friendly, great for those new to smoking

A Review On: Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5-Inch Smoker

Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5-Inch Smoker

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Pros: Easy to use, maintains consistent heat very well.

Cons: Nit picking here. Weber should install a port to allow temp probes to be inserted into grilling area.

With the WSM 22.5" Weber has made me very popular with my friends and family. While I have always loved to grill I started thinking about smoking about a year and a half ago and pulled the trigger on this smoker almost exactly a year ago. About my only complaint is that I waited so long before doing this. This grill is easy to use, after about 5 smokes it really got consistent holding the heat, and is roomy enough for me to cook for a large group. I have turned out some wonder food, ribs, chicken, prime rib and turkey with this baby and I have to say I have heard "this is the best (insert food here) I have ever had" many times already and nothing brings a smile to my face as quickly as knowing that people enjoy my cooking.


The WSM is an excellent first smoker but I hesitate to limit it as just that. I think it would take a lot for me to ever feel the need to spend more on a smoker. It isn't the cheapest smoker, but I think it is very affordable and like all Weber grills is of a high quality. I quickly zeroed in on the WSM when looking at smokers and really the biggest decision was whether to go with the 18" or the 22.5." Being a guy I figured "bigger is better" and I have yet to have proved that to be wrong.


The only complaint I have is the absence of a port in which to insert temperature probes. This is easily remedied with a quick trip to Home Cheapo to buy a package of lamp nipples (found where they have lamp parts). I selected the shortest one and drilled a hole in the side of the Weber and the "problem" was solved.


I have no qualms recommending this smoker to anyone interested (and have).


Just bought one and am looking to try it out soon. Could always use recipes, advice so on. Never have smoked meat before.
Get Jeff Phillips' book, Smoking Meat and post your questions on here. I did and the results have been great. To me, smoking is easier than cooking on direct heat. It just takes longer. If you bought a WSM you made the learning curve even simpler.
Very good smoker, worth the money. You can make competition worthy meats on this smoker. Best brisket I have ever had, and easy to work. I only smoke overnight nowadays.