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Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5-Inch Smoker Reviews


Can't really complain, but....


Pros: Easy to clean, very roomy, & not much of a learning curve needed

Cons: Leaks smoke, access door is flimsy, so-so waterpan, & handles on the mid-section really should be standard.

After MUCH research & the inability to build my own U.D.S. yet, I chose to buy a Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker because my 22" Weber kettle can only do so much. Overall, I'm glad that I bought it, I enjoy using it, but here are some valid gripes after a few cooks on it.   1. Access door: the metal used for this door is VERY flimsy. A 2 year old can easily bend/warp this door, & smoke leaks from it something fierce. I tried a gasket kit, but it didn't help. Weber was nice enough to send a replacement for free, but this didn't help. If I ever opt for the Cajun Bandit's stainless steel upgrade, then I'll gladly share my findings.   2. Dome lid: The lid overall seems...
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4.5/5 -- I love my WSM


Pros: generous capacity, metal not as flimsy as other brands

Cons: fit isn't very tight in some spots, design is relatively inconvenient

I saved up my Cabela's points for a long time, then found a WSM 22.5 floor model at Cabela's that just happened to be the last one in the store, and it just happened to be missing some pieces and have some very minor damage. I ended up paying less than 100 actual dollars out of pocket and out the door. I promptly called Weber and explained my missing parts situation which, much to their credit, they remedied free of charge with no shipping.   PROS The smoker holds a decent amount of food. I can easily get 6 whole chickens (3 on each rack) in mine. I haven't pushed it any farther because I don't want my food rubbing the inside of the lid. The "fire box" holds enough fuel to last...
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Let's you smoke like a BOSS


Pros: With the right accessories, it's almost idiot-proof. Well constructed

Cons: Kinda pricey for what it is.

I bought this on a whim after eating some smoked ribs a buddy made on his WSM. After reading forums and watching YouTube videos I took a chance and smoked a pork loin. It was amazing and people raved about it. Next came ribs then salmon then pork shoulder and so on and so on. The results have all been moist and flavorful. Can't imagine how I made it this long without one.

This is the best smoker I have owned


Pros: Quality, ease of use, great tasting foods

Cons: Front door

This is the fourth smoker I have owned and the best by far.Once it is assembled, it is almost foolproof. First smoke took some time to get the temperature adjusted. Once it hit the correct temp it was smooth sailing. I  have cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving and once I got it to temperature it sailed along without touching anything. A brisket smoked for 9 hours and half of the charcoal was left. Hint fill the charcoal hopper and then light about ten to fifteen coals in a chimney and put that on top. When it gets to temperature close two vents on the bottom. I have a remote temperature device with meat and grill temperature probes, this is not necessary with this unit, but was with all...
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It could not be more perfect


Pros: Quality of Weber product and Quality of the smoking process

Cons: Front Door

I assembled the WSM 22.5 just like the videos and recommendations I read and it was perfect.  The outstanding quality and workmanship were amazing.  The only drawback was the door for a lack of seal.  I bought the gasket kit and the one for the lid worked great but the door seal just wasn't that good.  It did not fit and align itself with the way the door was assembled.  This did not affect the way it worked or smoked.  It was the first product I have had in a long time that worked and produced without any disappointments or problems.  I would highly recommend this smoker to anyone that is in the market for a new smoker.  I did four 12-15  ...
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Best smoker ever


Pros: Inexpensive, High Quality, Easy to use.

Cons: Not sure of the correctness of the built in thermometer.

I bought a 18" WSM about 7 years ago after attending a BBQ competition and almost every competitor had 2 or 3 WSM's on site.  About 4 years ago I added a 22 1/2" WSM as I needed to cook for almost 100 people.  I was able to smoke 16 racks of pork back ribs in about 6 hours.  I used the BRITU recipe from the WSM web site, and had rave reviews.  My only concern is related to the accuracy of the built in thermometer.  It reads about 15 degrees lower than a candy thermometer inserted in the top vent. I generally try to smoke at 225 degrees and the WSM does a great job!  I've added an Auber Instruments thermocouple system to help maintain a relatively even...
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Easy to smoke meats, easy to maintain easy to clean!


Pros: Holds your desired temps for HOURS! That is the key to smoking meats, beef, pork,poultry,fish.

Cons: Super windy days, over 20 knots, will make you work a little harder to maintain your temps. No Cons beyond that.

New to smoking?  This is the smoker for you.  Veteran smoker?  Spend $800 bucks on an Egg or get this for half the price!!
smoke slinger



Pros: Holds temp well, construction is solid, easy to set up and use.

Cons: None

Just bought this and have done one smoke on it and looking forward to many more. Just from one smoke I can tell that the construction quality is great and well worth the money. I will never purchase a different type smoker when this one gives out in about 50 years. › Smokers & More › Smokers › Vertical Charcoal Smokers › Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5-Inch Smoker › Weber 731001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 22.5-Inch Smoker Reviews