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A Review On: Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5-Inch Smoker

Weber 721001 Smokey Mountain Cooker 18.5-Inch Smoker

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Pros: temp control, lump usage, end product, ease of use, availability, information available

Cons: none

Easily the best smoker out there for under $400.00.


Its charcoal not electric, or gas, thats its 1st & biggest advantage.  You are using a smoker, not an oven that smokes.


Great bbq flavor,  a miser on fuel,  easily holds 225 for 9-10 hours in all weather conditions. 


I sold all my other smokers when I got the WSM,  they were just wasting space since they were never going to be used again.


I've been using a Weber 18.5 silver kettle for years and love it. If I could change one thing, it'd be the size. Will the 18.5 WSM leave me yearning for the larger 22.5?
I so understand your issue, I've been using a Brinkman that's just like the WSM and sometimes I wish it was bigger around. more grill surface, but it fits 3 whole chickens. it fits two bone in legs of lamb and I've done a 12 pound brisket on it with ease. I've even smoked a 16 pound turkey, but I have to admit I had it was tough getting the ole bird in there.
Hi Guys,
I reckon everybody that is looking at the WSM 18" has the same problem. The only thing to consider is how many you are going to feed, and the cost of the fuel. I do 6 kg of pork on the top shelf and another 5 on the bottom rack. (around 10 lb), If that isn't enough to feed my lot I will be in trouble. :-))
I would say that when I do a 9 hour smoke up of some shoulder pork, the amount of fuel required would increase exponentially.
Got to consider the many times when you only cook for four people as well.
Any way that's my 2 cents worth of wisdom. Best regards and I hope you guys are keeping your feet dry. At least unlike us down under you don't have to tie your smoker down....
I have the 22.5 Weber and love it. When I do a lot of ribs I stand them on the side and this enables me to feed a party.
18.5" WSM is enough for me, I had a loaner 22.5" WSM for a few cooks, and while the rack space was nice, it was a fuel hog compared to the 18.5".
If you've got the space for 'em... get one of each! I use the 18.5" WSM for everyday/weekend use and the 22.5" when friends come over. The great thing is having the ability to use both for a crowd. I do have to agree, however, with the above comment that the 22.5" is somewhat of a fuel hog.
It does use more fuel, because it takes more to heat the larger volume, now is the time to check your major stores for sales on charcoal. I was at Home Depot the other day and the Kingsford 13.9# double packs were only $6.88 each, I grabbed 12 so I have 24 bags of charcoal and I'm going back for more when I find the opportunity.Get it while it's cheap.
I'm very happy with mine. It makes great ribs, butt and chickens. Very consistent and easy to control.