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A Review On: Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle

Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle

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Pros: Plenty of room, easy to add charcoal for long smokes

Cons: Hard to clean out ash, grates are heavy

I really love this thing.  I've used Webers for over 40 years and just got to the point where I needed more room when cooking for family (5 kids and 11 grand kids).  So I made the plunge.


The Ranch kettle is well made and has held up well.  I've owned it almost 2 years and though I don't cook on it every week (I work out of town) I have used it quite a bit.  I use it mainly for indirect cooking and I change sides every so often to alternate where the heat is on the charcoal grate.  The grate is very heavy and is holding up well.


The grate for grilling is also very heavy and large, so its also not easy to handle (weaklings would have a problem).  The hinged ends make it easy to add charcoal and wood during a cook.


The dome is not quite high enough (I think) to smoke a large, whole turkey, but I learned how to "spatchcock" a turkey and it will handle one of any size that way.


I would definitely get one of these again.

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I saw one once at a party they had a huge wok pan that sat on it looks nice but rather expensive for me....I bet the wok is pretty spendy too!!!!........I'll stick with the 221/2 for grilling and my smokin-it for the smokin'!!