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Weber 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Charcoal Grills


Pros: simple, yet elegant design

My first Weber kettle I purchased in 1975 and used it for 3 decades.  I replaced it with a 22 inch One-Touch a few years back.  The ash catcher and vent/cleanout design is great.  Only complaint is the handle is just spot-welded to the lid.  The weld rusted and the handle broke off despite keeping it covered when not in use.   To Weber's credit, they replaced my lid for free! 


Pros: versatile, dependable, easy-to-use

So much has been said over the years about the Weber kettle, there's not a lot more I can add to what's out there, except my personal experience.  It's been an American backyard classic and staple since George Stephen fashioned the first one out of buoy parts at the Weber Metal Works factory in 1951.  The dome-shaped lid makes for efficient heating and prevents flare-ups, and the large round cooking grill accommdates most of what you'd need to do for a family and friends gathering.


I've been grilling and smoking for more than 15 years, most of my adult life, and the 22" Weber has never let me down.  I just replace the cooking grill every few years, and I'm good to go.  I've done everything from burgers to brisket, from tri-tip to turkeys, grilled and smoked, and it's all with this one configuration.


I've got one of these, along with a special addition green on with a table attached, like the Performer without the gas starter.


Assembly is pretty simple and straight-forward.  Quality is excellent - since I'm in southern California, I cook with it year round, and it gets a lot of use, and sometimes a little abuse (left out in the rain or spinklers, etc.) and both of mine have stayed in good shape over the years.


Simple and straight-forward is a good way to describe using the Weber kettle as well.  I use either lump charcoal or briquettes in a chimney starter, with some canola oil on the newspaper to make for longer burning to get started.  I also have the Weber side baskets to easily split the charcoal for indirect cooking or smoking, and that works great.  The side hinged cooking grate makes it easy to slip in extra wood chips or charcoal for longer smokes.


Sometimes, I find myself looking for more room when smoking multiple racks of beef ribs or briskets - I'll step up to a pit smoker for that soon.  But there will ALWAYS be a Weber kettle in my backyard.


Pros: Can grill AND smoke.

Cons: Could use more head space for some cooks - beer can chicken, long ribs.

I've been using the Weber 22 for 20+ years, on my second unit - and this family grills a lot, 2-3 times a week year round.  I tried a gas grill for 1 year between my Webers, it drove me to tears.  On unit 2, had to replace the clean out wipers... Dealing with Weber web site a breeze.  I feel like it will got another 10 years.


Pros: accurate thermometer, relatively easy to use, fairly easy to clean

Cons: a little tricky to put the ash catcher on for assembly, thermometer doesnt allow for cold smoking

i recently bought a weber to use as a smoker as well as a grill, and i was not disappointed!! unlike the previous grill i got from Wal mart, this one is of much sturdier design and was packaged well for shipping. it came out undamaged and spotless with an extra part for when i messed up (i skipped a step in the instructions, and had to destroy the part to fix the issue) so even though i had an accident with it, it is a very stable platform that will perform almost whatever task you could use a grill for.


Pros: My dad taught me how to grill on one.

Cons: Dads not here now but the grill lives on!

Dad's was red.  Mine is green. The Weber kettle is a true classic. They've been with us for years.  Always the highest quality manufacturing. Customer service is outstanding. These grill are the best you can buy at any price. I wish I could give them 6 stars!  Brian


Pros: This Grill is the best you can buy, no need to buy any other

Cons: if you bought something else, you've been coned

I love this grill with all my heart, Just ask my wife.

Its easy to use with the one touch system. just read

the book that comes with it and follow the instuctions

and you will be on your way. Also makes a great smoking grill

also. Look at my 2 buddies hangging out on it.Thier so

happy to be hagging out on the Weber and nothing else.


2 drunk Chickens


In place of the hook on the lid I bought the Slide Aside sid mount lid holder Works great


Pros: grill and bbq capabilities, plenty of space, ash catcher

Cons: the hook on the lid takes some getting used to

Had the silver for years and went to get another and found this for the same price. A great deal.

They are easy to assemble and just as easy to use, overall my favorite grill.

Weber 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill

The One-Touch 22-1/2-inch Gold Kettle adds convenience to years of reliable service from the classic kettle that started it all. The triple-nickel-plated hinged cooking grate with flip-up sides makes adding charcoal quick, safe, and easy. The One-Touch Cleaning System is factory-assembled of stainless steel for increased durability. Just pull the lever and the inside of the bowl is swept clean. Lastly, a no-rust aluminum high-capacity ash catcher means fewer trips to the ash bin.

BindingLawn & Patio
FeatureOne-Touch cleaning and venting system
Height15.84 inches
Length26.26 inches
Weight36 pounds
Width25.42 inches
List Price$149.99
Product GroupLawn & Patio
TitleWeber 22.5-Inch One-Touch Gold Kettle Grill
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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