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Vermont Castings Deluxe Stainless Smoker (VC3624GS)


Pros: Very sturdy/stable, stainess is a cinch to clean, even and consistent heating

Cons: discontinued so I can't buy a second!! smallish wood-chip/chunk box, not cheap

My first and only experience with smoking meats was on a very large (the size of a small bedroom!) outdoor commercial, rotating-rack smoker.. it was amazing but obviously I needed something for home use, camping trips, etc. After a bit of research it really came down to a few features that I required:

  1. Sturdy, well made and not one of the 'tin can' smokers that sway back and forth if you lean on it!
  2. Large enough to hold a good qty of product, without being so large I couldn't take it on camping trips, etc.
  3. Easy heat control - although I love all wood fired smokers, I simply didn't have the time to manage one for smoking small amounts of meat.. so, i decided to go the propane route even though I'm not a big advocate of it
  4. Affordable. I don't mind paying for quality.. but it needed to be under $1,000 and preferably closer to $500.


So, after a ton or research and going to nearly every local store that carried smokers and grilles (Portland, Or area).. what I found was most 'affordable' smokers were cheap, flimsy and poorly made... most were too small for what I wanted and almost all were fairly affordable (a great thing).. So, I continued to research and that is when I came across the Vermont Castings Smoker. There were no retailers in town that had own,. I actually had to drive about 30 miles to a Vermont Castings stove retailer to find one.. and finally get a look at it. I was sold on the spot. The sales lady just stepped back and didn't say a word,.. it spoke for itself. It's solid. Well built. Can hold 8 racks of ribs OR 16 chickens (butterflied) OR 4 large briskets.. etc.. it was still small enough to fit in the cargo area of our ride and was within budget. I'LL TAKE IT !


I've taken this on camping trips where we enjoyed applewood smoked chicken breasts and baby-back ribs.. have smoked more brisket, ribs and pork butt than I can count.. and every time.. it's the same. To combat my dislike for propane fired smokers I simply turned the gas to the lowest flame possibly, while still being able to retain temp and good smoke and kept the dampers only about 25% open... worked great.


The only thing I regret about this smoker is not buying two.. I know, I know.. I didn't need two when I bought it.. and still don't. But, apparently someone else liked this smoker more than I did, and decided to relieve me of it.. and now they are discontinued !! So.. with my favorite smoker stolen and no chance of replacing it with a new one of the same model, I am on the hunt for a good, vertical smoker.. maybe a reverse flow,.. maybe wood, coal.. not sure. One thing is for sure. You don't know what you've got until it's gone. Next time.. I'm buying a chain and lock with my smoker :)


Pros: size strength of cabinet

Cons: maintaning temperature a problem: weight of unit

I have owned the signature series smoker for three years and have used it sparingly, primarily due the to the inability to maintain temperature. However, this issue is not as bad as trying to find answers to a technical problem, which was the purpose of my inquiry.  Since there is no local dealer, in my area that sells the unit I have, ( I just found out that this unit is discontinued). I went to the Vermont Castings website and after much research I found a telephone number and called; the gentleman who answered stated that he only sells the grills and doesn't know where the company is located or a telephone number. I then asked where he sends his payment for the grills he purchases, that even an address would be helpful. He finally agreed to help me and gave me a telephone number. I called and after several minutes of speaking with a receptionist she connected me to the technical department. I held for someone to pick up for several more minutes and finally hung up totally frustrated. One would think that based on just the cost of their over-all product, the customer service would be a little more focused on making the experience at least appear to be helpful. I plan on donating the $800+ smoker and start over with a more desirable and customer friendly company.


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Vermont Castings Deluxe Stainless Smoker (VC3624GS)

This Vermont Castings Propane Gas Smoker features Double Walled Cabinet Construction with a Brushed Stainless Steel Exterior. The door is also a Double Walled Design with Silicon Gel Door Gasket provides excellent heat retention. Also features a Durable Cast Iron Wood Chip Box on Convenient Sliding Shelf for Easy Chip Removal, Cast Brass Burner with Fully Adjustable Control for Optimum Performance, Electronic Ignition for Quick Ignition Every Time and a Cool Grip Locking Front Door. ** SPECS: ** ----------------- -Fully Welded and Polished 304 Stainless Steel Cooking Cabinet for long lasting performance - 1033 Square Inches of Total Cooking Area - Four (4) Adjustable Oven Style Cooking Grids with Four (4) Adjustment Levels - Three (3) Adjustable Dampers for Best Cooking Performance - 17,500 BTU\'s ** PRODUCT FEATURES ** ---------------------------------------- - Double Walled Cabinet Construction with Brushed Stainless Steel Exterior - Double Walled Door Design with Silicon Gel Door Gasket provides excellent heat retention and maintains optimum and consistent cooking temperatures - Cast Nameplate with Full Range Heat Indicator - Durable Cast Iron Wood Chip Box on convenient sliding shelf for easy chip removal - Cast Brass Burner with Fully Adjustable Control for optimum performance - Electronic Ignition for Quick Ignition every time - Cool Grip, Locking Front Door Handle - Full size Door Opening for Easy Access - Heavy Duty Carrying Handles - Wide Stance Leg Pattern for Stability - Porcelain Coated Water Pan - CSA certified

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Vermont Castings Deluxe SmokerVC3624GS
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