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TSM 20 lb Capacity Insulated Smoker

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Pros: easy to use insulated well

Cons: none just to small for large jobs

this is a good smoker for small jobs,I installed a smoke pistol and it works better for me than sawdust. I had no problems with the heat control once I learned how to control it is a good smoker for the price.


Pros: Easy to use. Comes with 4 racks and 3 sausage dowels. Great for beginners

Cons: Temperature control is a big problem

I have this same unit marketed under a different name. I have smoked many things in it and it seems to perform fairly well. It does not control the temp well so a good thermometer is a must! I use the Maverick ET732. I would also recommend some sort of heat-sink, I used fire bricks. The box also works great for cold smoking with an AMNS. All-in-all it does an ok job. 


Pros: Good for smoking Fish and Sausage

Cons: So far none.

My wife Inherited this smoker from my father in law when he passed away in Jan of 2012. It is just what it says to be, a sausage smoker .Nothing fancy , Just plug it in and turn the dial. I have used it 4 times so far to smoke Steelhead and Salmon. This last week end I ground up some Elk I had in the freezer from last year added some Apples and Asian Pears to the mix. They turned out pretty darn good . It came with 3 dowels to hang the sausage . I have the older stainless model with no legs. It heated up quickly and held temp for 2.5 hour on the first 4 smokes and 3.5 hours on the last one I did .


Pros: Good for small jobs and for the person who does not smoke much a year!

Cons: To small for me but i still have it dont know if ill ever use it again. To much heat build up!

It is a good learning tool for the beginner i learned alot from being able to do small batches with it. Overall i would suggest this to someone wanting to get into smoking!!

TSM 20 lb Capacity Insulated Smoker


BrandSausage Maker
FeatureInside Dimensions: 16 1/2"W x 20"H x 15"D.
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LabelSausage Maker
List Price$556.99
ManufacturerSausage Maker
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameKITCHEN
PublisherSausage Maker
StudioSausage Maker
TitleTSM 20 lb Capacity Insulated Smoker
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