TS 250 Reviews




Pros: Built very well with heavy materials and nice paint.

Cons: For me it was getting something over the net and not seeing what I was getting. I did see a bigger one so I had an idea on the quality.

Overall I was very happy with the looks and quality. It is everything I expected it would be. I was told 6 to 7 weeks to build it and get it shipped to me. It was 7 weeks on the mark. Shipping worked well and the unit arrived with no dents or marks on it. Lots of room to cook on this BBQ and easy to get the door open and to the racks.     The unit comes up to temp in 30-40 min and is easy to hold the temp by sliding the 2 air intake at the bottom sides of the fire box. As far as fuel goes it is very easy on it, for a 6-7 hr burn I use a 16lb bag of coal and 6-8 sticks of wood. I use all the coal and 2 small sticks of wood on top when I start and just add 1 stick at...
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