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Cons: Nothing but cons

Wish I had read this site before purchasing my Traeger grill from Home Depot.  Luckily I was within the 90 days for returns.   Like other posts - the pellets would not feed into the hopper - I would have to constantly push them down.  The hopper is not beveled enough for them to  continually feed.   I could not leave it for more than one hour without manually feeding the hopper.  The temp also did not remain constant.


 The straw that broke the camel back was when trying to cook a pork butt and the fire kept going out.  Then at one time, there was so much smoke I could not even seen the grill.  Then the smoke was coming out of the hopper and not the grill.   Once I started it again,the  supposedly 250 degrees registered 400.  I could not get the temp down.  I called customer service and like other posts, they were of no help.  He was telling me I would have to dismantle the grill, clean out the hopper and fire box and try again.   He said "Sometimes the pellets  get stuck in the feeder and not get into the fire box".   SOMETIMES!!!!   How am I to clean out the feeder when the grill is hot.  I am also a single woman and trying to turn this grill upside down to dump out the hopper was not going to happen.  It finally took two of us (and one being a man) to get it cleaned out.   I was so frustrated by this time that I shut it all down and took it back to Home Depot.    This grill is nothing that they advertise.  The commercial stated you can go off and leave it cooking for hours - NOT....because once the pellets stop feeding, the temps drop.   What a waste of $500.  Way overpriced and way overstated.  Don't make my mistake.


Albel, I felt your pain not too long ago but i had different issues. Still tech aupport was worthless. I purchased a Pit Boss which was alot cheaper and had more to offer. I love it and it actually stays at the temp you set it at. Im smoking chickens right now. I do love smoked chicken, doing some chops later and going to try some tuna. I hope you find a smoker that works for you
Good luck
Another thing with these traeger units......the reps in costcos are telling people they are made in the USA....these are not they are from china.