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Lemon Traeger and ZERO help or caring from Traeger or ACE hardware

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Traeger Texas Pellet Grill

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Pros: looks nice before I turn it on

Cons: Temps are all over the place, HORRIBLE customer service

I purchased this grill on 5-05-2017-----so I purchased this grill (Tailgater in Blue) from my local ACE hardware and the temps are all over the place, so far I have e-mailed back and forth (3 different techs now)with their tech support and have received ZERO help, I guess their legendary service is not for my grill, I even went as far as watching my grill for 2 hours and I took down all of the readings on the grill and basically I saw the temps (while on 225 setting) go from 180 to 377 and it kept doing this for the 2 hours I watched it, I sent the readings to my contact at Traeger and he told me that I closed the lid to soon and that is why it would not stabilize, really? that is not even a good excuse? I preformed the start up like the manual says and got horrible results, when I have started the grill on smoke like the manual says the temp goes to 370+ and sits there for about 15 mins then goes back down, now I have used this grill 4 times and had the same results each time, I contacted my ACE hardware and pretty much was told to contract Traeger so they don't stand behind this product either. I personally would recommend another grill as there are plenty out there, I honestly have to laugh each time I hear about their legendary customer service...The following is what I had sent to Traeger tech support.


-Started on smoke at 1710 and changed to P-1-----Tech support told me to change the P setting
-Waited 5 mins with lid open turned to 225 closed lid
-in 5 mins the grill rose to 377
-3 mins later the temp started to go down
-16 mins later the temp stabilized at 223
-a couple mins later then fell to 210 then up to 310 then fluxuated around 305 for a few
-then slowly started falling to 223 over 10 mins
-temps around 216-230 for 5 mins
-going back up to 272 for 3 mins then down to 244 for 3 mins then down to 210 for a few. Alot of smoke came out for 2 mins
-going back up 310 and sat for 3 mins then going down to 251 then down to 212 then up again to 310 to 314 to 317 all for 2 mins then down to 272 for 4 mins then down 244 for 6-8 mins then down to 230 for 5 mins then 233 then 230 then up 307 over about 8 mins and sat at 307 for like 7 mins then down to 266, still going down put in shut down mode
Pretty much exactly 2 hours total time from start up/changing the P setting to shut down mode


Very sorry to hear the customer service is horrible. I was leaning heavy to purchase the Timberline , now I have to rethink as to putting that much money into a product and they do not stand behind it... Keep after them, some companies hope you just give up and go away. I would think Ace would take it back as a displeased customer, to keep their name intact.  I hope you get satisfied and keep us posted...Rob
Hey Rob
After alot of threats to ACE, bad reviews/ect and they happen to be doing a grill demo with Traeger and others there today I told them I would come down and hang out with mycrummy grill during the demo, needless to say I was given a refund last night. The only reason ibought the first Traegerwas because oneof my guys has one and brought it in and made lunch.very good. I purchased a jr elite off of amazon already. I know theyhave a good product but just remember if youhave an issue you are onyour own. Give it a shot but buy from someone that you know will take itback if necessary. I have amazon prime so free shipping but i got it alot. Heaper on amazon and know they will take itback if needed, im jelouse of the timberline grill, a nice one
Good luck Rob
I am not sure about your experience. But I bought my Lil Tex in 2012 and couldn't be happier. Mine came with an analog controller and I wanted digital, so I replaced it with an Ortech T100. Temperatures are very consistent and I have never had a burn out or flame up. But I am not sure Ortech is making their controllers anymore, so that might explain why you were experiencing the temp swings.
That is great news you got your investment back, sad to have to shame a retailer to correct a bad item.  Yes I will be looking at Amazon as one source and I have a specialty outdoor store that said they would back up the sale.. I hope you can find you a new brand smoker / grill and don't let this one time discourage what you want to create.. Take care and good luck in finding the one that makes you smile while using it...Rob
I bought my Traeger about 3 years ago and had the same issue.  I never did get it to work correctly and spent entirely too much time and money on pork ribs just to pitch them.  The only way to make that smoker a wonderful-wonderful piece is to spend a few more cubic dollars.  I do not work for or represent the following folks at all.  But, buy a Blazn Grill digital controller from  It is super and the people are great.  Current cost is about $219.  It is plug and play.  Comes with exact mating electrical plugs and instructions to simply unplug your Traeger controller (throw it away) and plug in the Blazn controller.  Works fantastic and will save fuel pellets.  I did have a problem with the meat probe when i sprayed the meet and got any spray on the probe cable the meat temp went to Zero "0" and took 30 minutes or more to come back up to register a real meat temp;  had a second probe to test accuracy.  I contacted Blazn and they had never heard of this issue.  But they sent out a new one from a different source and it has been perfect ever since. You will be up and running by Fathers Day. Bill...
Sorry about your Traeger experience. I have a Traeger "Little Tex" that I bought about 20 years ago and it is still going fine. I did 30 pounds of smoked sturgeon on Sunday and I did burgers for my family last night, and everything was great. I upgraded the original thermometer from a "Smoke - Low - Medium - High" unit to a digital temperature controlled unit, and I added an extension to the pellet hopper so I could do 14 - 16 hour cooks without waking at 5 am to refill the pellet hopper. My only other issue was that after a couple years the exterior paint started to peal and Traeger sent me a free can of black heat resistant paint to deal with the pealing. I love my Traeger, but everyone's experience may be different.
I bought the Traeger Elite and after two weeks it is going back via Amazon.  LED broken out of the box, frame bent, lid not square to the frame.  Now the bad part, it keeps randomly turning off, even if it is full of pellets, does not keep temperature and I had my first "mini-explosion" others have talked about.  This happens after it stops working, I restart it and a ton of smoke comes out, then a loud boom occurs and the top lifts off a couple inches.  Seen this in other reviews as well. Don't buy this poor excuse of the Traeger name.
BMETZ and everyone else I do know that Traeger is a good brand I have a friend with one but I had a bad experience, so the ACE hardware I took it back to said he used my returned grill and it worked great, he said that the Traeger rep told him to start it up and let it run with the lid open for 20 mins...well that's fine but if someone advertised that is how you have to start ANY grill up no one would buy it. anyways I got a Pit Boss with a 3 year extended warranty for cheaper than the Traeger and with a lot more features actually and I am very happy with that
Smoke on People...
so a follow up to my original post, the ACE hardware guy told me that the Traeger Rep told him to start the grill up and run it for 20 minutes before doing anything to it, he said he did that and it worked great, OK good it worked but who on this site would even buy a grill if they told you to run it for 20 minutes before using it, I don't see anyone doing that and with the Rep's suggestion that is a good 6 different ways Traeger told me to start the grill, all of the tech support people told me that the manual and All the videos on the web of start up procedures were wrong, really??I am sure they have a good product but with NO (or contradicting)tech support at all then I wouldn't chance it again
I have almost pulled the trigger on the Traeger Timberline several times. I let one go I had on hold as to hearing all the horrible service related stories,
Jarhead congratulations on your Pit Boss and how well it is working for you. I will be looking at them too. Happy smoking and Semper Fi. 
Semper Fi Titan
I do like the Pit Boss, plus way bigger for cheaper
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