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Traeger Junior Pellet Grill Reviews

Positive Reviews


Amazing unit for the price!


Pros: Simple to use.

Cons: Small pellet box.

I am a rookie to the world of smokers but this Traeger Junior Pellet Grill makes me look and taste like a Pro. Super easy to use and the outcome is amazing! Only thing is the pellet box is small but if you stay on top of your cooking it is not an issue. (Smaller smoker smaller pellet box) I still will it five stars all day long.

Love this little smoker


Pros: Ease of use, versatility, size,quality of construction, amazing results

Cons: None

Let me start by stating that I have the Junior Elite, which is mostly the same but has the upgraded thermostat the rest of the Traeger line has.  This little smoker works great, just set the temperature and forget it, unless of course you want to baste or change anything else you want to. I do wish they we made in the US, but I have been very, very happy with the results that have come out of this little smoker. Everything I have tried has been great, pork butt, salmon, ribs, even chocolate chip cookies were excellent. 

Negative Reviews


Nothing but trouble


Pros: ease of use, in theory

Cons: wild temperature swings, shuts itself off

First off, this is our first smoker. Wanted something that was "set it and forget it" like the Costco road show guy said. We bought our first one last Birthday present! The next day we did the chicken challenge, or whatever the guy said. They came out fine, but nothing superior to what my 18 year old gas Weber whatever. Then we moved on to a brisket. Oh boy, what a headache. As memory serves, the wild temperature swings caused me to call Traeger. "we'll send you a new controller, and a bag of pellets for the trouble" Cool, seems like good customer service. Put in the change. Same problem next time. We're talking swings from 310 down to 140, then it...
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Joe Fenn

OK starter unit at a good price.


Pros: Cost. simplicity, cooking guide.

Cons: Size, temp control, no clean outs.

Bought my T. JR 5 years ago at a Costco roadshow.   It made for an affordable start in the smoking and pellet cooker space. Easy setup, but on burn-in the controller and fan burned out.    Taking the box to 500 to clear the machine oil, I could small burning electronics.   3 hours on the phone with Traeger and I had a new controller, digital temp probe and fan,  on the way to fix it. I had to rebuild the head unit myself with the new parts.   The JR is sort and simple, so I built a new stand for it out of scrap TREX decking.  I added wheels, a bottom shelf, cover tie-down hooks, and a ...
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More Reviews


Wanted to love it, but poor service made me hate it!


Pros: Taste of food

Cons: Poor temperature stability, unreliable,cannot leave it alone, Traeger service is awful...they are not nice people.

I struggled with this unit for over a year. After eight months I upgraded to a digital controller, but still had issues. I tried to do everything that customer support told me to do...of course, any failure was my fault. Finally I had enough as I just couldn't trust cooking without checking the temp every ten minutes. Thankfully, Costco agreed to give me a refund and I could cut some of my losses. However, Traeger refused to give me a refund on the controller they sold me because it had been over 45 days and it had been installed! Now, how in the **** am I supposed to use the controller without installing it?? And, supposedly the grills have a 3 year warranty, but the electronic...
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A decent starter, but if you're not a DIYer save up for the next higher model.


Pros: Affordable, portable

Cons: S-M-H controller limits it to the most forgiving meats.

I jokingly refer to this as a baby traeger, and a gateway drug to larger smokers. I chose this smoker as it fit my budget at the time but wish I had saved for a lil' tex at least.   The smoker was well packed in its box, and was undamaged while the box looked like it had been used for a game of warehouse football. The instructions were easy to follow, and assembly was very easy taking only about 30 minutes to complete. I was smoking within an hour of bringing the unit home.   The 3 setting controller doesn't manage heat at all so the temperature inside the grill isn't controllable at all. That isn't to say it didn't work amazingly. The first brisket and ribs I cooked on this...
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