Burnback Soot Nightmare

Utah Smoker
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Pros: Wifi and App Control

Cons: Soot maker, Auger burnback and jamming issues, temperature control.

I was on a waiting list to get my Timberline 1300. Now having owned it 6 weeks, It has become a $2000 paperweight that occupies space on my deck. Avoid this grill, Traeger likes to tout their world class customer service. Don't buy into it. This grill has more problems than you can imagine. Google Timberline issues and buckle up. Save your money, buy another brand.


I have one the first Timberline 1300s to hit the market. An overall comment on the Timberline series from me is "Inconsistent".  Some owners have had no problems, others have had nothing but problems and there are many owners in between the extremes.  Traeger did a disservice in pushing this new grill series out the door before they had been fully (or even partially) tested.  That would have been OK if it was a low-tech stick burner, but the Timberline series is a far cry from that.  The root of most of the problems with both the 1300 and the 850 has been the controller, which has upgradable software via wifi (home network).  Traeger is currently on software version 3, which has fixed most problems with the 1300 series but seems to have created a glitch on the 850s that did not previously exist.  As with most machines, if you buy the newest, hi-tech item, you get the break-in problems.  The Timberline series is no different.  When they finally get the controller tweaked and the issues with augers being too long and fan shrouds that need to be removed on the 1300s, these should be really sweet smokers.  They are easy to use and produce excellent food.  They also incorporate most of the features that Traeger owners have been asking about for years. They are beautiful, albeit expensive smokers.  I don't know that I'd recommend buying one until sometime in 2018.  By that time, Traeger will have likely fixed their quality control items (augers, fan shrouds, etc...) and software issues (controller).  They may end up separating the 850 and 1300 with unique software if new updates continue to affect the models differently.  Will software version 4 be the "last fix"?  We'll see.
Thank goodness I still have my trusty Texas model that is always ready to pick up the load if the Timberline has a glitch.  Hoping the Texas gathers dust at some point in the future and the Timberline becomes the smoker that I was promised.
Well said, Dannos.
I REALLY want to like this smoker, I love the fact that it does't have the smoke stack and as you said it is a beautiful unit. Perhaps I have a lemon.