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A Review On: Traeger Industries, Inc. Texas Grill   BBQ075

Traeger Industries, Inc. Texas Grill BBQ075

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Pros: Simple, effective, great taste

Cons: Cost and cost to operate/ painted finish

Purchased over a year ago; after 'pulling' an all nighter keeping my offset smoker stoked and smoking at 225 for a big party.  The Butts came out great but I was dragging all day.  Now I can set the temp and hit the rack myself...and wake up to some awesome food.  We went from Charcoal grill and vertical smoker and offset smoker and gas just the Traeger and Gas Grill (which is getting almost no use now).  Going to the beach for the day...set the smoker up with a water tray...and come home to delicious Ribs, butts, briskets, chicken etc.  Want to bake some cornbread or a fresh Pizza...this is your machine.  At higher setting it acts as a convection roaster...and does a great job.  I kept the gas grill to really be able to sear my steaks...but at this point...I typically just put them on the traeger at the highest setting...and they come out great; complete with the hint of smoke flavor (at high settings the unit smokes very little; which is a bit counter-intuitive until you really think about it).



Disappointed with the finish...I keep the grill covered when not in use...and the paint started to peel in just 6 months...after a year it has a great amount of peeling paint on edges...not what I would expect from at $1000 investment...I also had a problem with the electronic control in the first week...but Traeger was pretty good about getting me a replacement.  Finally...the cost of the pellets really add up if you use this as an oven/grill/roaster...It gets well over 400 degrees....but eats up a lot of pellets at $20 bucks a bag.  


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