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Traeger Industries, Inc. Texas Grill BBQ075 Reviews

Positive Reviews




Pros: put the meat in it and forget about it

Cons: traeger pellets arent that great

This smoker rocks ! The only thing I would suggest to anyone who has one is to try different pellets..My neighbor has me hooked on the bbq delight pellets and i drive darn near 2 hours to get them..I upgraded to the digital thermostat its the 180 degree ..

Negative Reviews


Returned to Costco for a refund


Cons: Extreme temperature swings at various "P Settings", uses excessive amount of pellets, not very sturdy

Purchased the Traeger from Costco about six months ago.  After following the manual I could not get a reasonably stable temperature.  The temperature swings were between 55° and 75° depending on the "P Setting".  When I called Traeger Tech I was told to change the "P Setting" to a higher setting.  The next smoking session I called the Tech department and the tech told me I needed to go back to the original setting.  Eventually, after a couple of more smokes I called Traeger again and requested a new temperature probe and controller.  After saying they needed to tell me some more "P Setting" adjustments I gave up on Traeger. Last week I returned the Traeger...
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Can't Beat Traeger Smokers


Pros: Pellets that are made from real wood (hardwoods), a convection like fan that keeps the temp perfect, digital heat adjuster, put it in and go play golf

Cons: None so far. Absolutely love it and it is the best out there. It can make any new person to smoking an expert in no time.

I  believe this is the best and easiest smoker on the market for most people.  Let's face it.  Smoking can be a lot of work and there are a lot of potential hazards when smoking.  Traeger has made it easy with the wood pellets and the system that basically monitors itself.  The pellets are automatically fed into the fire and between the auto feed and the fan, a a convection like of effect is created keeping the temperature perfect.  Here in Texas we really like to slow smoke.  Brisket and ribs are our preference and they have both been done to perfection on this system.  The pellets come in every type of flavor you can imagine.  I really like...
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Pros: Set it and forget it!!!

Cons: NONE

This smoker has changed my life. My wife thought I was crazy to spend 1000.00 for a 1st smoker.. NOW she wants to open a BBQ resturant. Having lots of fun and making the neighbors jealous! (what's that smell)

Smoking at its finest


Pros: Simple, effective, great taste

Cons: Cost and cost to operate/ painted finish

Purchased over a year ago; after 'pulling' an all nighter keeping my offset smoker stoked and smoking at 225 for a big party.  The Butts came out great but I was dragging all day.  Now I can set the temp and hit the rack myself...and wake up to some awesome food.  We went from Charcoal grill and vertical smoker and offset smoker and gas just the Traeger and Gas Grill (which is getting almost no use now).  Going to the beach for the day...set the smoker up with a water tray...and come home to delicious Ribs, butts, briskets, chicken etc.  Want to bake some cornbread or a fresh Pizza...this is your machine.  At higher setting it acts as a...
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Great cold weather smoker BBQ075


Pros: Ease of use

Cons: Not alot of smoke taste or ring

Overall a great investment. It's startup time and ease of use make it ideal for cold weather smoking. No longer need to babysit a firebox in 20 or below degree weather, and be to tired to enjoy the Que'd food after a 12-14 hour smoke. Unlike the wood smoker I started with the smoke ring seems smaller and the full wood flavor is not the same, but that is a small price to pay for the ease of use, controlled temps, and the naps I can enjoy while waiting for the food, and not babysitting a stubborn firebox. Did change to another brand of pellets Bear Mountain which seem to produce more smoke and are about $7.00 cheaper a bag. I'd spend the money again in a heart beat...very pleased


Wasnt "sure" when I bought it as I was wanting a high quality smoker. NOW That I have it  LUV IT!! Only real down point I can see is one spends 1000.00 for a cooker and gets a $ 3.00 set of cooking grates. Going to have a buddy of mine make me a stainless set. Mine has the digital thermostat and is my FAVORITE man toy since day one. TRY one.. you will NOT be disapointed.

traeger tex


Pros: everything

Cons: tough to tailgate

The best money my wife ever let me spend

Love my Texas


Pros: Controller, Size of Grill, Finish, Outstanding Customer Servicr

Cons: Made in China

Love It! 



Pros: work'swell

Cons: cost

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