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Traeger Industries, Inc. Lil' Tex Elite BBQ07E Reviews

Positive Reviews


This is my first pellet smoker and I have found it easy to use with great results.


Pros: I've smoked burgers, meatloaf, chicken and ribs on it and everythings been great. Has held heat well so far. Got a good price at Costco.

Cons: Retail price is a little high and I probably wouldn't have purchased if I hadn't found it at Costco.

I was kind of thinking of replacing my 30 inch  electric smoker and getting one with a little more capacity. I stopped at Costco to get gas and the attendant was telling me about the Traeger grills being displayed in the store. I went in and talked with the rep and decided to get the Lil Texas. I've had it a couple months and really like it so far.  Everything I've cooked on it has been great.  It is very easy to clean and seems pretty solid. The pellets are hard to find locally so I've ordered off the Traeger website.  In looking around the internet, it seems some Traeger owners use other brand pellets. I've ...
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Great smoker


Pros: ease of use, flavor of food, toughness, and many more

Cons: price

I just recently got this smoker/grill, but very impressed so far. With very little effort it has produced some of the best tasting meat I have ever ate. So far I would highly recommend. The only downside is its cost.

Negative Reviews


Don't waist your money


Pros: Stays lit

Cons: Can't hold tempature at setting.

My TRAEGER 07E model, ya the $999.00 smoker, can't maintain a temperature within 68 deg. I set my temp at 225 and it's all over the place climbing to as high as 282 and as low as 213 and maintaining more around 245 to 250 but never really holding steady anywhere. I called Tech support who tried convincing me it was the initial start up heat being trapped even after I told him I am three hours into my cooking time and i have had the lid open a couple times. Finally he told me how to turn down the P2 setting to P1 so I tried with no change even after two more hours, VERY FRUSTRATED. My out side temperature "weather" is 70 deg with no wind and so I can't blaim it on that. I would rather...
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I would not buy again


Pros: Set it and walk away

Cons: Wheres the smoke flavor?

I have been wanting a Traeger for a long time and Costco had a good deal on them so I bought one. I cooked boneless/skinless breast at the smoke setting for 2.5 hours and then bumped it up to 300F to finish it off. There was no smoke flavor. Over all it took over 3 hours to cook skinless boneless breasts and they turned out tough.  I called the factory and spoke to the tech support person who was way too talkie. I told him my story and he said they really dont do chicken well but they do great on pork and beef really well. His excitement was killed when I told him I dont eat beef or pork. Treager recommends cooking chicken at 350F and smoke is produced at temp settings about 190F...
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More Reviews


Awesome Smoker


Pros: consistent smoke and ability to maintain temp.

Cons: nothing....

burgers are being smoked, briskets, ribs....  unbelievable.   We saw a recipe for the "Smoked Fatty" the breakfast sausage log smoked on this and it is the best breakfast sausage you'll ever eat....try it out.  Got the idea off a smoking meat newsletter last year from Jeff.   I love it and damn near smoke year round.... my grill is so cold.    

Awesome Smoker


Pros: Easy to use, great flavor, quality product

Cons: None

I have used this smoker to cook beef, chicken, pork and turkey with great results.  Took a few smokes to learn to not worry about temperature reading much and to let it do it's thing.  Have enjoyed everything cooked on it. I love the versatility it gives to cook different things. Mixing different pellets is also a good feature (hickory/cherry0.
1 Smoking Hot

Love my Traeger!


Pros: Easy to use. Incredible cooking results.

Cons: none

I use my smoker more than our grill now. I am a die-hard Traeger fan.

Smoking Made Easy


Pros: Easy to use,

Cons: None

So we went into the Costco and they had a Traeger rep demoing the units. I have been wanting a smoker for a long time but did not know which one I wanted. I went with Traeger unit because I could set the temperature and make sure the hopper is full. We have cooked burgers and ribs and they were awesome! I would recommend this to someone who would like to start smoking meats that has a little extra money to spend.

Good Smoker


Pros: Produces good smoked meats

Cons: Expensive

Great smoker, produces good smoke ring.  Temp control could be better › Smokers & More › Smokers › Electric Smokers › Auto-Feed › Traeger Industries, Inc. Lil' Tex Elite BBQ07E › Traeger Industries, Inc. Lil' Tex Elite BBQ07E Reviews