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100% Positive Reviews
Rated #3 in Smoke Generators


Pros: Long burning and consistent

I purchased this to use when I smoke bacon. I put in inside the cooking chamber on my offset smoker. Provides a good consistent smoke. Great service and a good price.


Pros: Heavy duty, easy to fill, I can fill to what ever level of time i need and when filled full it lasts over 3 hours

Cons: None so far, ok, it's round (dur) so it rolls but a little tin foil stops that

Any pellet smoker will need a fairly constant stream of air. Place over the bottom intake. If using a temp. controlled fan like PartyQ you will need to still have some vent opened a bit.


This makes amazing cold smoked salmon.


Just got my A-Maze-N Pellet Tube Smoker for my 2 month old pellet grill today.  BANG!!!  This things works as advertised.  I had tried a different brand and it would not stay lit, at all, for more than 10 mins.  i decided to give this one a whirl and WOW!!  I did as instructed and it is smoking away, in my pellet grill, with little to no air flow from outside.  I cannot wait to taste the extra smoke when finished!!

Thank you!!


Pros: Creates lots of smoke for its size, Easy to start, Good 4 hr burn with the 12 inch model

Cons: Challenging to refill on the fly if you need additional smoke after 4 hrs.

I've used my Amazen Pellet Tube Smoker for about a year and a half now.  I've smoked a ton of various cheeses with it by simply placing the tube in the lower half of my Master Forge gasser or by setting it on one side of Weber Genesis.  Just place blocks of your favorite cheese on a pan (perforated is best) and let the smoke do its thing. I generally let the cheese marinate in a zip lock for about ten days after smoking it for the best flavor.  So far our favorites are Pepper Jack and Gouda but everything has turned out great.


I also use the tube smoker when doing something in my grill like a beer can chicken.  The added smoke really adds to the flavor.  

I've used it occassionally in my Master Forge as well to augment my pan. It's definitely easier to keep four hours of smoke going from this than by adding woods chips to the pan.  I just can't quite give up real chips for those long smokes yet.


In the time we've used it (and used it a lot!) the Tube Smoker has held up great. There are absolutely no signs of rust, wear, or any degredation of quality.  

Overall I couldn't be happier with it.  It does a great job at doing what it was made to do.


Pros: Durable, Simple, Reliable, Low Temp Smoke Generation

Cons: NONE!!!

I bought my AMPTS a year ago. As with everyone on this forum I do a lot of hot smoking. But, my favorite is cold smoking. IMHO, I make the best cold smoked salmon (lox) outside of NYC. I use two of the 12" tubes for my 5 Ft offset reverse flow smoker. The tubes never increase the temp in the chamber from the air temp outside. I have never used it to augment the smoke when I burning sticks, no need to. I only use it for cold smoking. Once you get the hang of lighting the tube and be patient about letting the pellets do an initial burn, the rest is a lazy man's art. 


Here is the the thin blue smoke billowing out of the stack:


Here is the tube (which I now use two) smoking away.



And here is a batch of lox and cheeses.



Pros: Good smoke producer

Cons: Get the right size

I used the AMNTS 18' version for the first time this weekend and it was a success.  The tube burned evenly with good clean smoke.  I have the 18" version and it's a bit long.  Next time I would opt for the 12" size.  In order to lessen the capacity I used a crumpled up piece of tin foil to reduce the volume.  That worked well and gave me the time I needed without wasting extra pellets.  The tube sits at the right front corner of my GMG DB where it gets plenty of air flow from the circulating fans.  Another great product from A-Maze-N Products.


Pros: easy to use

Cons: I guess I'll have to order pellets from now on...


My brother bought me the 12" AMNPTS for Christmas and it's been blow'in smoke in my Weber kettle ever since. The 12" size is a good fit for the the 22.5" Weber. I've only tried Pitmaster's Choice and Oak pellets, but both tasted (and smelled) premium. Those pellets may look like hamster food, but once you add fire you can tell from the aroma that you're on the right track. 


Here's the AMZNPTS cold-smoking a baby loaf of Tillamook cheddar!



Pros: Easy to Use

Cons: None

This 12" tube smoker works great in my Master Forge Double Door smoker.  Continuous smoke once started correctly for at least 3-4 hours which beats having to go to the fire box and replace every 30 minutes-1 hour.


Highly recommend!


Pros: works as advertised

Cons: none

Have always had trouble getting good smoke from the Traeger Texas Elite.  Tried to use the dust smokers but the turbulence from the muffin fan just kept putting them out.  And when I could keep them going the smoke output just didn't make it.  First time out with Amazin Tube Pellet Smoker with BBQ Delight pellets and had two racks of St. Louis style and a 8.5 lb brisket flat and couldn't be happier.  Generous amount of smoke and kept going for the entire cook.  Pellet smokers are notorious for giving out less smoke as the temps are increased and I like to smoke brisket at around 260 so this was just what I needed.   Another winner from Todd Johnson!


Pros: Easy to use instructions, hours of quality smoke, no creosote, performed as advertised, 5-Star Service

Cons: None if you Follow Directions!

I recently was able to throw this Tube Smoker into use.  Originally designed for a different type of smoker than my usage, but proving (as did his other types of products) to have been engineered in such a way as to bridge the gap into many uses.  Todd creates a quality product, gives by far the best customer service I have seen in any product line, and is a great supporter of this forum.



I had issues keeping the prior versions of this smoker (in rectangular design) lit while using the only smoker I have - a 22 1/2" Weber Kettle charcoal grill.  I Received my package from Todd at A-Maze-n-Products and could hardly wait to get started with it. Knowing from previous experience, I followed the directions provided and ran it thru a burn out to get the oils off it before actual use with food.


Todd has his products not only tested by himself, but uses the expertise of several SMF members using their various smokers to see how it performs, and then tweaks the design via their results and suggestions.  For myself, i have used both prior versions with success, just not the ease as many report. This was due to using the Weber Kettle and how it is designed...not the fault of the AMNT or AMNPS.


First up: a test run to cold smoke cheese.  Filled the tube, lit as directed and WOW - wonderful smoke that stayed lit and delivered as promised. Kept smoking long after I pulled the cheese off. I have since sampled that cheese after it's 2 week rest and again - WOW!


Prior to receiving the tube, I had contacted Todd and let him know of the issues I had keeping the other 2 items going.  Todd in turn wanted to know how this unit performed using charcoal, especially in a low air situation like is present in the Weber Kettle. Both of us with a common goal and I was ready to see how this thing worked.  Here is what I did in it's initial run with heat and 3 racks of spare ribs.


Location: St John in the US Virgin say we have high humidity is an understatement. Weber Kettle: The kettle is a great grill and with wood chunks a dream to work with. When you tweak the vents to regulate temperature, it kills the amount of air needed to effectively run the AMNP smoke boxes. They will go for a while but then go out, having to relight. I have tried placement variations with the same end result.  I get great smokes, but a bit frustrating and extra work on my part. I have learned to regulate temperature by how many briquetts I place, 2 wide-3wide, how high, how many are lit and placed at the beginning of the row, etc. using the minion method.  My kettle as the single bottom vent and the standard single vent on the lid. I use Kingsford Briquettes, lit with newspaper and a chiminey starter.  Weber is on the deck on the west side of the house, which is blocked somewhat from winds but get full on sun.  (makes for some interesting cold smokes!)  Yesterday's temp was forecast at 94, the deck was at 100 degrees with a slight breeze most of the day.






3 racks of spare ribs trimmed but left with a liberal amount of the thick "tip" area.  Membrane removed and rubbed 1/2 hour before placing on the Weber - used  "Jeff's Rub" recipe. Pitmaster's Choice pellets microwaved for 2 minutes to remove any humidity, then placed into the tube.  Lit per Todd's instructions and placed in the grill at what I thought would be a good location.  Just above 2 of the 3 holes of the bottom vent and close to the underside of the charcoal rack...braced from rolling to the center by a partial brick.







Once lit, I setup the rest of the charcoal and started the chiminey.  Then went in and organized the ribs, rack and reloaded batteries in the Maverick Thermo. Tube covered with a piece of thick Alum. foil to keep any juices from getting on it.  I then set the ribs in the rack, trimmings next to it and walked away for a while.  Temp at start (Noon) was 250 degrees and had been there for a 1/2 hour.  Nice smoke coming thru the top vent which remained wide open, bottom vent wide open and never changed to allow sufficient airflow for the smoker.


All said and done:  Ribs were perfect for my taste. Juicy, full smokey flavor with no creosote or bitter taste.





This next pic is of the trimmings, which received NO rub at all. The color is from the grill and the smoke created by the Tube Smoker: I love the color they took on!!!











End result of the first try with the AMNPTS:  


*Worked 100-percent as advertised!   

*Initial placement of tube in kettle was perfect, but I will be trying several areas before claiming this is the place to have it.  

*No creosote

*Very pleased with the tube

*Extremely glad I have the Pitmasters Choice mix - spot on Todd!






Similar to the previous versions of their dust or pellet smokers, but now in a tube form available in both 12" or 18" lengths. Designed for higher heat usage with 4-6 hours of smoke, but also performs incredibly well delivering 6-9 hours of smoke during cold smokes.

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