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A Review On: Tappecue 4 Probe Remote BBQ Thermometer with Mobile Apps

Tappecue 4 Probe Remote BBQ Thermometer with Mobile Apps

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Pros: Four probes, great iPhone/iPad app, easy parameter creation and alteration, excellent with the Yoder YS640 ports

Cons: Clunky interface on Windows, amateurish but workable GUI, counterintuitive set up process

I saw this being used by a fellow Smoking Meat reader and colleague at a local gathering. We were collaborating on the smoking, me with my Traeger Li'l Tex, he with his orange cart Yoder YS640. I was using my Maverick, he was using the Tappecue. Oh, how I envied him the freedom of eating in the nearby town and being able to simply look at his iPad. As soon as I could, I got home, fired up the Samsung lappie and ordered it. Three days later I had this mysterious black box with power supply, USB cord, and about seventy probes! Well, four, actually, but you get the idea. Went to Tappecue's web site, registered my user name and password (easy), downloaded the setup installer, and as soon as my virus checker had stopped sniffing it's software tail, unzipped it to my desk top and followed the website's instructions obsessively. First try, the installer gagged on some file and blew up. Having played with Windows a lot, I deleted all the downloaded installer versions, including the downloaded zip file, and rebooted my computer. Downloaded the file again. This time, the install was perfect. So, corrupted file from the web, it happens. Plugged in the USB to the black box, lifted the antenna, plugged the USB into the computer, then plugged the the power into the Tappecue. Fascination - lots of blinking lights, then the Windows chime for found new equipment, then on the Tappecue ... 'Connected to PC' !! Excellent! Fired up the configuration app, and logged in, named my Tappecue appropriately, then proceeded to the WiFi set up. Here is where things got a little frustrating. I entered the first five letters of my network, and the drop down menu on the first box filled in the rest. I selected the appropriate button, and WPS2 (correct) loaded. Selecting the next button should have been to allow me to enter the password, but it hung up. After about 10 minutes, I shut the Tappecue down, disconnected it, rebooted my laptop, reattached and repowered the Tappecue, and began again. This time, I got to the WPS2, and loaded the password for my network. Again, it hung, so third time, I deleted the installer, the setup program and all files, did a third install, reloaded the setup and made it all the way through. Success - there, on my wifi list of users, was my Tappecue. Fired up my brand new Yoder YS640, loaded 2 St Louis rib racks, plugged in three Tappecue meat probes and swung the fourth over the middle as an ambient, and fired up the iPhone app. TA DAH! All four probes, one pit, three meat, changed the parameters easily, and cooked the ribs for three hours before wrapping and unloading. My Maverick is forgotten, I am in love, this newest Tappecue is awesome and the ribs were awesomely awesome!


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