The next setp up from my steadfast Maverick 2 probe the Tappecue really delivers!

A Review On: Tappecue 4 Probe Remote BBQ Thermometer with Mobile Apps

Tappecue 4 Probe Remote BBQ Thermometer with Mobile Apps

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Pros: true wireless monitoring, cool interface, 4 PROBES!! This is awesome~!!, very configurable

Cons: plastic case, jack plugins seem a little loose, no windows app

Ok, this is what I have been looking for. An actual wireless, multi probe thermometer that I can monitor from ANYWHERE using my mobile phone (Android)!! The Tappecue got here quickly, it was well packaged. The replacement probes are cheap and have a nice long 6 foot cord, love that! With 4 probes I can easily monitor my chamber and 3 chunks of pig/cow at the same time. The monitoring/alert feature works well and is a great feature. I like that you can share the login with friends so they know when to show up for vittles! I also like the "post to facebook" feature for the drool factor to friends and family. All in all so far this is a great toy/tool. the only real negatives for me were that the plastic case was a little off-putting at $200 I guess I expected a little more, but it seems pretty solid. they only other neg comment might be that the plugin jacks for the probes seem that they are not fixed to the case so you should be careful when plugging them in so as not to mess up the connection with the motherboard. That said however, I think this is a cool add to my BBQ arsenal. Now if only I could figure out how to integrate this directly with my RecTec I would be in heaven!!! The folks at RecTec and Tappecue should talk!


I was ready to order until I noticed that the warranty is only 90 days!!!! Ugh!!!
That's too much money for me to spend on a product with such a short warranty.
I ordered mine on Sat (5/17/2014)  Can't wait until it gets here.  Between my Mav ET-733 and this thing, I will have 6 temp probes I can use!
Great review!  Thanks!!!
I've been debating on buying this. I'm currently working on building a bbq thermometer out of a Raspberry Pi (mini computer), and after realizing that each probe is going to cost $15 (the cheapest I could find), I decided that going to the tappecue might be cheaper overall.