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Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce - 2/40oz

67% Positive Reviews
Rated #1 in Sauces


Pros: always on sale (for a reason)

Cons: bland entry-level BBQ sauce

I read the reviews, and there is nothing wrong with this sauce. However, living in OK I have to say the award-winning Head Country trumps this sauce (granted it may not be available everywhere)


Ray's is ok but very bland, but safe to use w/o worrying about using too much. It is always on sale here because there are so many others that tower above it. Like Tubbs (whole other topic-mopping sauce, marinade, etc) and Famous Dave's, sweet & zesty, or the more robust sauces.


Our own Jeff has produced outstanding recipes for sauce. So Rays is fine in a pinch but would not use it with a choice of others.


Of course we all should develop our own BBQ sauce as I did many years ago, according to our own tastes and preferences.


Pros: cheap and easily found at most major retailers

Cons: too sweet and loaded with corn syrup

The corn syrup base makes this sauce a single note flavor of sweetness over riding any other flavors. It overpowers, rather than accentuates, the flavors of my grilled/smoked meats.


Nothing I would recommend.


Pros: A good starter flavor that you can add spices to, but it's full of corn syrup.

Cons: Full of Corn Syrup... which is bad for your health.

Crappy sauce. A good starter flavor, but it is LOADED with corn syrup - which is bad for you.

(don't tell me bbq is bad for you, so what the heck - High Fructose Corn Syrup is like acid in your body)


There are soooo many good bbq sauces out there, why settle for this one?


Pros: It had a nice thickness and is sweet enough to appeal to all but the hardcore Carolina Vinegar crowd.

Cons: It was lacking good depth from Herbs and Spices, having a very one note flavor. Way too much Smoke Flavor added!

This sauce was ok but I think it would be much better as a Grilling Sauce than a BBQ Sauce. The smoke flavor intensity would work on a Grilled or Baked piece of Chicken just fine. But on some nice Apple Wood smoked Ribs and Pulled Pork, the smoke flavoring blew away the taste of the Apple Wood and even the fairly bold Rub I use. I make my own sauces but had heard so many positive reviews on Sweet Baby Rays I wanted to try it. I was actually given a bottle by a friend that was moving cross country and did not want to haul a lot of pantry items. I would venture a guess that the award winning original was reformulated to be produced in volume and keep costs down...JJ


Pros: Thick and delicious.

Cons: None

As far as commercial sauces go this is the best one I've tried.  It's very thick and really sticks to whatever you put it on.  Great flavor, too.


Pros: cheap . probably for a reason

Cons: very sweet...too sweet

too much corn syrup in this ... but the kids love it!    but they also like ketchup on their eggs for breakfast ..... I keep it for those that prefer thick and sweet sauces, it works for that ...and it is almost always on sale here, so the cost is great!


Pros: Cheap, Tasty, and easy to find at almost any store

When I lived in Kansas I used to buy Gates BBQ suace all the time, it was as good as my own sauce, and saved me the time of making my own sauce. Since moving back to Montana I only get Gates on rare occasions, so I tried every store bought sauce you could think of. I did not like any of them and resorted to making my own sauce for every BBQ. One day at Wallyworld, I saw a bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's so I gave it a try. This is by far the best storebought stuff I have ever had. I have tried the original and the Sweet and Spicy and both are very good. I always have a couple of bottles in my pantry now.


Pros: inexpensive and delicious

Cons: none

This is the only sauce I buy off the shelf, good on everything. Just used the last of my bottle last night on some smoked chicken thighs that sat in the fridge for a week, I tossed them on the grill to reheat and crisp up the skin a little, mopped with S B Rays, so good!

Sweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce - 2/40oz

In 1985, my brother, Chef Larry Raymond, perfected the family's recipe and entered our sweet and tangy barbecue sauce into the country's largest rib cook-off. He named it after the nickname I got while playing basketball on Chicago's West Side - "Sweet Baby Ray". The sauce is so fine, the taste beat out nearly 700 entries in the rib-off. Within a year, Larry and I, along with out high school friend Mike O'Brien, formed a company around our award-winning sauce and our simple philosophy about barbecue. "The Sauce is the Boss."

BrandSweet Baby Ray's
FeatureSqueezable plastic bottles
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LabelSweet Baby Ray's
ManufacturerSweet Baby Ray's
Package Quantity2
Product GroupGrocery
Product Type NameGROCERY
PublisherSweet Baby Ray's
StudioSweet Baby Ray's
TitleSweet Baby Ray's Barbecue Sauce - 2/40oz
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