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STŌK™ Tower Grill


Pros: Weight, Intake, Exhaust, Fit & Finish, Cast Iron, Ash Catcher

I had looked at these a year or so ago, and liked them but he price tag was $169.99. So last week, or whatever reason, they were on clearance here in AZ at some Home Depot's, I had to get one..just had to. Clearance price of $49.99!

Got it out of box and put together.. Probably took about an hour. Crescent wrench and screw driver was the only things needed

Heavy duty thermo recessed in the lid. Great shiny orange porcelain coat on lid.

I was really impressed with this (doesn't take much). Fits snug and feels like quality. Style is nice too.

Cast iron grate & grill grate insert

Charcoal Chimney installed in the center can be removed at any time

Ash catcher, and air intake control

Legs, wheels, and base plate. The wheels are heavy thick plastic.

1st load of charcoal goin in to burn out the junk.

Comes w/ a "paper cage" which sits up in ash catcher for igniting. I just set in 2 parafin cubes instead

Almost a full chimney load.

And she's off

I left the lid on & went outside. This thing got hot fast.

Here's how to control the air intake. Lil diff than my other kettles but similar to a Gold One Touch
Intake all the way open

The thin blue

Exhaust all the way open

Lifted the center grate w/ the included tool, and spread out the chimneys worth of coals, and let it burn for awhile

Now onto the food. I cut up some whole wangs, and cut off wing tips

Mad Hunky Hot Wang Rub of course

Loaded up the chimney again, w/ much less charcoal this time.

The lid has 2 hanging hooks which is nice.

All fired up. Chimney stayed in the center for this one, so I could indirect the wings w/ some pear wood.

Cruisin along steadily @ 350+

Here they are about 30 mins later.

Centered them all over the chimney for a few mins to get a nice final char

Split em up into 2 batches. Warmed up some Texas Petes Buffalo and Honey Mustard on the stove.

Honey Mustards close-up

Buffalo's close-up

My plate

So far, I've got nothing but good things to say about the STOK. It was a heavy duty grill. The box was over 60 lbs, and you can feel it when you go to move it around. My Webers will always dominate, but this thing at half the price was 100% worth it. Call around if you're in the market, I've found a couple Home Depot's still selling em at that price. You've got my recommendation on it

STŌK™ Tower Grill

The STOK Tower™ allows you to do more with charcoal using the STOK Grill Insert System. Swap out the grill grate for the included pizza stone or any other STOK Grill Insert to bring that great charcoal flavor to any and every meal. The Tower™ comes with an integrated charcoal chimney to get grilling faster while the built in ash canister traps charcoal dust for quick, easy clean up. The porcelain coated 22.5” fire box and the porcelain coated, cast-iron cooking grate provide optimum cooking and durability. http://www.stokgrills.com/grills/tower.php

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