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Smokin-it model 3 Reviews


great unit


Pros: everything

Cons: temps is a little low and the smoker itself is to low to the ground.

Great unit I have made a bunch of stuff in the past two months everything was great.. Easy to use. Easy to clean. Much easier then a patio side box smoker. Also even the casters are high grade. The only problem I have is the highest temp it reaches is around 240 degrees. I would still tell anyone who want a set it and forget it unit it is great. Dollar for dollar I think it is the best I have used. I have also tried 2 other brands that cost more but are about the same. The highest end unit will hit 300 degree's but cost two time more then this unit. I haven't tried adjust the temp because me and electric just do not match up well.To be prefect a little higher temps and other then...
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I was VERY skeptical but now are a believer!


Pros: VERY easy to use, very little hands on time to make great food

Cons: None yet

I am a long time smoker, I have had many types of smokers from offsets, to bullets, to direct barrels, to Stumps like smokers (Superior SS2) and even a Big Green Egg.   I was looking for a smoker that I could literally throw some meat on, add some wood chunks, turn it on and walk away. Life got very busy, and I noticed I was not smoking anything, so I did a TON of research and after a a few weeks I landed on the smokinit smokers. Mostly because of the stellar reviews, but the final factor was the FANTASTIC customer service from the owner. I still have my Egg, but the Smokinit resides inside my screen room, that is very nice this time of year.   My first smoke was 2 racks of...
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Best Buy on the market

Having owned a charcoal Weber and a Master Forge electric... The Smokin-It #3 is the most impressive smoker I have ever used.  I will NEVER buy another smoker, unless it is a Smokin-It #4.   Quality construction, cool to touch, solid and steady temperature control, and simply the easiest smoker to use, the #3 brings everything you might want to the table.  Cold smoking cheese or meats is as easy as it gets with the cold plate baffle.  Large adjustable racks capable of handling just about anything you might could smoke.  1200 watt heating element!!!     I bought the #3 smoker which will hold three full size slabs of ribs on each rack (4 racks),...
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Smokin-it model 3


Pros: I like everything about it

Cons: nonel

 I can't believe the quality in such a nicely priced piece (499) of equipment. Insulated stainless, nicely finished inside and out., sloped floor to the drain , tight fitting door latches eliminate the need for a gasket and there is also a small drippings trough under the door which also drains into the slide in  (under the bottom) stainless drain pan, simple knob to set the adjustable temperature,  reasonable prices on the replacement parts if I ever need any- I checked that first. Heavy duty shelves similar to those in a  household oven, The shelves are long on this model- around 22 inches in length . Nicely made smoke box is hinged and well done. The casters are...
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What a smoker...


Pros: Nice heavy made smoker. Everything about this smokes is built to last. Smokes meats great, side handles makes loading it up easy.

Cons: None so far.

Have owned this smoker for 2 weeks now. Smoked on it 5 times and every time everything on it turned out great. I have had experience smoking on some like it. So no learning curve at all for it. Just smoked Pork Steaks on it this evening . Camping at Enid Lake ms, came in from Crappie fishing. Tossed the meat on and turned the smoker on. 2 oz of hickory 7 lbs of pork steaks 18 hot dogs, pack or Brats along with 5 lb of Bologna. 2 hours later the pork steaks along with the hot dogs were taken off. Everyone that at them raved how good they turned out. Being we had fished all day. And they could not figure how how in the world. I could come in and get these to turn out this great.. As for the...
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