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Smokenator 1000 Transforms 22-inch Weber Kettle's Into Smokers

100% Positive Reviews
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Pros: Ease of install, good manual, great price, ease of use

Cons: Adding wood chunks a little difficult, have to but down

Just used this today for the 1st time, but I am diffenitely sold. I was easy to install, load and maintain. It really needs to be used with the hinged grate, but I have that also. Don't know how it would be with normal grate, but I bet it would be more tricky to use. It used a lot less fuel than I would have normally for the same amount of cooking time. Overall, it will save $$ and time. Good product.

Smokenator 1000 Transforms 22-inch Weber Kettle's Into Smokers

Introducing the Smokenator 1000, an innovative BBQ accessory that transforms, your Weber Kettle into a water smoker. It converts your existing 22 Weber kettle into a smoker that is more efficient, easier to use and easier to clean up than the traditional vertical water smoker. No hassle with charcoal baskets, rails and aluminum foil and figuring out how to keep water over the coals to add moisture. The Smokenator is an industrial strength product, made out of 18-gage brushed sheet stainless, which won't rust. The whole idea of this product is to provide you with a means and a method to let you control your Weber, to obtain superlative results, while not having to buy a water smoker or other higher priced smoking device. Best of all, because the water pan is located extremely close to the coals, the cooking environment is kept moist. Evaporation tests how 45% less evaporation versus 22% by traditional pan methods, this means food will not dry out, unless you want it to by not keeping water in the pan. This takes much of the fussiness out of smoking. This accessory works with all meats, but especially chicken and turkey by keeping it moist. Pork ribs and red meats are very moist. The Smokenator is versatile; you can even cook a 25-pound turkey. The Smokenator is shipped with complete instructions, on how to regulate the Weber to produce excellent smoked food in the classic way. The instructions show you how to set up your Weber Kettle's, lower and upper vents and gives you clear concise instructions on how to regulate the air needed to smoke your food when you use Kingsford charcoal. These instructions represent over 40 hours of research and effort, putting you ahead. If you are looking for a way to stretch the versatility of your Weber and save space, the Smokenator 1000 is for you. Do you want a Smokenator and expand your smoking capacity? Double Deck your Weber with Smokenator 1000 & Hovergrill Kit.

FeatureIncludes: Smokenator 1000 Baffle, Water Pan, Skewer, Instructions
Height6 inches
Length19 inches
Weight2.25 pounds
Width6 inches
LabelBarbecue Kettle Accessories
ManufacturerBarbecue Kettle Accessories
Package Quantity1
Product GroupLawn & Patio
PublisherBarbecue Kettle Accessories
StudioBarbecue Kettle Accessories
TitleSmokenator 1000 Transforms 22-inch Weber Kettle's Into Smokers
Material Type18 gage stainless steel - 0.045 inches
Material Type Set Element12" Stainless steel poker
WarrantyBarbecue Kettle Accessories makes every effort to produce a quality product that you will enjoy for years. If the product is defective, return unused, within thirty (30) days from date of purchase. We will pay shipping and send you a replacement. If for any other reason you choose to return the unused product do so within 30 days, paying the return shipping. You will receive a refund less shipping and handling. Please contact us in advance by email before returning.
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