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Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generators Reviews

Positive Reviews


Easy to foul up if you don't know what you're doing.

This is a unit that is easy to foul up, but it is also easy to use correctly for great results. Start with a fully ignited and burning lump or briquet. Then add alternating layers of chips, pellets and char. Thats it. I think the air pump is not neccessary and in my experience produces tbe billowing white acrid smoke that you want to avoid. Don't look for huge amounts of smoke. Even if just a little is wisping into the chamber, that's enough, just leave it be. I have the Magnum Pig and can get a good 6-7 hours out of one full load. Don't open the unit to check on it, only to add fuel. If you suspect it may have gone out, take a big whiff of your chimney. If you can smell it,...
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Pretty Darn Good


Pros: simple to use and install

I bought the Notorious P.I.G. after reading "Meat Smoking and Smokehouse Design", I wanted to cold smoke and this looked like an easy introduction to the process.  I haven't built a proper smoke house yet, I drilled a hole into  the bottom of my "Little Chief" to get started with this right away.  I didn't have too many issues with it, I did end up using a tinfoil shield on my smoking rack though, I found that with using such a small smoker box that the smoke that exited the pipe would nail my sausage directly on the bottom and it would end up with a sharp taste.  That was a pretty minor set back, I've done cutthroat trout, whitefish, cheese, pork loin, salt, and my...
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Works AWESOME when you use it PROPERLY


Pros: Adjustable smoke and can use lump w chips!

Cons: smoking time

Some on here said they had a creosote mess and had to chip out creosote etc.... NOT if you use it properly, I let mine heat up with lump charcoal with the fan on high until it gets really hot.  The trick with not having creosote is heating up the unit and fittings prior to putting wood chips or pellets in.  After i heat it up i just add some chips in w/ a little lump charcoal which is AWESOME because it gives you a little better flavor vs chips or pellets alone.  I don't even have to clean mine out because i get zero creosote mess, the only time i do anything is if you don't snuff out the fire you'll have to take a pipe brush and run it through the pipe before the next...
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Negative Reviews


Big Kahuna


Pros: Great Idea, and Made in USA

Cons: Just Plain Doesn't Work Worth a Darn

Saw this Big Kahuna, while searching for ways to cold smoke. Checked out the Smoke Daddy Web Site, and watched a few videos of it in action. You have to understand this was before I knew anything about there being such a thing as too much smoke, and creosote forming on your food, due to an improperly working smoke generator. Well, in the videos I could easily see it could put out a huge amount of smoke. I did not know heavy white smoke was bad, so I laid out close to $100 for a Big Kahuna, with an aquarium air pump to help it burn & push smoke into my MES 30. When I received it, in order to test it, before drilling a big hole in my MES 30, I set it up in a garbage can (Very fitting...
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Smoke Daddy - creosote, and eye-burning grey smoke...revised with pellet use


Pros: solid construction, well-thought out,

Cons: forms creosote which changes flavor of food and difficult to clean

Like many other members on this site, I researched many cold-smoke generators, some over $300.   The Smoke Daddy has a simple design and operation.  Mechanically, this product is built like a tank.  Easy to install (with a hole cutter) and seemingly foolproof.   Without repeating what other reviewers have already said, this device has some very undesirable outcomes.  With the forced-air design, if you have too much smoke output, you just lower the air flow...simple enough.  But like a wood stove, this causes the combustion to become too rich and you get ALOT of creosote.  Black tar-like goo that drips out the exhaust port into your smoker.  It gets...
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Smoke Daddy Didn't work for me.


Pros: Easy to refill.

Cons: Couldn't get the TBS I wanted from it.

I owned this unit for over a year. It was quality built and I liked the idea that you could cold smoke with it. I easily adapted it to my MES with a large magnet to use the existing chip loader hole so I didn't have to mount it permanently to it. It made it very easy to remove and clean. You need to clean it after every use. I used hardwood charcoal and a mix of chips and pellets. I could never get it dialed down far enough to produce the TBS I was looking for regardless of the airflow used. I tried every combination imaginable. It just wasn't for me. The concept is great and I believe the company is a good one with excellent customer support. I also liked the fact it...
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More Reviews


Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generators worth the money ? Maybe, Maybe Not


Pros: Made in the USA, Great Idea

Cons: creosote, creosote, creosote, the air pump never pumps enough air to make it work right

I got the Big Kahuna Cold Smoker ( BKCS ) back in 2013 so I have had plenty of time to see if and how this thing works. When I first got the BKCS the brass tube from the Air Injector was miss formed so I call the company and ask for a new one a few days later I get a package that has 3 so I am thinking great now I have extra and man this company really has great support. so I get the whole drilled in the side of my MB XL 40 gasser and attach the BKCS read the Instructions fire up the MB and then add the fully burning briquette and then the pellets works great I am a happy BBQing Guy. Then after oh I am guessing 5 smokes the creosote monster comes for a visit. I have tried...
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Big Kahuna


Pros: Easy to light

I started playing with the Big Kahuna at about 9am a cool 29 degrees here in SE Kansas. At about 11am it was a little over freezing so I pop a whole butterflied chicken the smoker. All who tasted said good mild smoke flavor.  I started out with 2 pieces of kingsford charcoal  lit those got a fair amount of ash then added wood chips and some pellets then wood chips and pellets and wood chips. I did this 3 times with starting at 9am and ending at 5pm and it still has some to burn. Do I have some creosote in the cold smoker yes. Found I could controll the amount of smoke by the air pump( mostly off) and adjusting the lid usually in the half off position. I have some country...
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Smoke Daddy Magnum


Pros: Easy to operate, runs a long time

Cons: None

I bought the Magnum model. Easy to light with a propane torch. Smoke got going immediately. Had to give the remaining fuel a stir after about four hours to get it going again. No creosote inside the smoking chamber. Have to experiment with the air blower settings, but on high, it cranked for those four hours and I got a nice blue smoke. I used a combination of lump, chips, pellets, lump chips, pellets.   Sometimes meat only needs the smoke for a few hours, as absorption reaches a max. As with most BBQ toys, the quality of the Q is more a function of how the cook makes use of the toys. I am very satisfied with this product, but since the smoke output is greater and more constant...
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Smoke Daddy


Pros: if you want smoke you got it.

Cons: Cost

I have used a few differant types of smoters .This is about the best cold smoker you can get.This is another step to get  a nice amount of smoke to your pruduct. If you are good you can make a kock off.

Big Kahuna, Backdraft model - another opinion


Pros: Made in the USA; easy to load/refill; easy to light; durable; very well made; can use a variety of fuels from chips to pellets

Cons: Sometimes goes out; can be difficult to regulate quantity of smoke, more expensive than some alternatives (but less expensive than others).

Price was $125.00 plus $10.20 S&H.   Like some others, I was looking for an alternative to the lack of smoke in my MES 30 (before retrofit) when I was trying to smoke at lower temperatures. I also wanted to try cold smoking things like cheese where the built-in smoke generator was not suitable. A friend bought an A-Maze-N-Smoker, and I saw it as well as the results of his use of it. However, even though it limited the heat, by burning within the cabinet it still generated a significant amount of heat, enough to melt some of the cheese he had smoked. I saw among the alternatives the Smoke Daddy smoke generator. I went on the web site and viewed the videos and liked what I...
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love 2 smoke

Worked the first time I used it


Pros: can reload without opening the door

Cons: none

  I like the smoke daddy alot. LIghting it was easy and produced smoke right after I got it started.      Wish I would have got the biggest one but didnt want to spend 100$ more. I have the smoke daddy on one side and the bradley generator on the other and the smoke daddy big kahuna puts out more smoke then the bradley.  

Smoke Daddy


Pros: Easy to use, able to control the smoke.

Cons: None so far

I go this to use in my MES for cold smoking.  It did take awhile to get use to how to regulate the smoke with the air valve but now I can go light or heavy if needed.  I usually add some pellets in the unit first and then add wood chips to fill it, this seems to be the easy way to get it lit and I can also mix different types of wood.  I seen posts where the top and bottom get hard to remove, I had the same problem but found out if I keep them clean this is not a issue.   Gary



Pros: burns a long time

Cons: a little hard 2 lite

Bought this last july2010 4 cold smoking bacon,scallops,jalapeno peppers.This was easy e attach 2 my klose byc aad would burn 4 to 5 hours on one load was a little hard to lite.once going i did a fine job,smoked 72 lbs of pork bellys ,makin bacon..............pep › Smokers & More › Grill & Smoker Accessories › Smoke Generators › Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generators › Smoke Daddy Cold Smoke Generators Reviews