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Slow 'N Sear Reviews


Best addition for a kettle grill


Pros: Heavy stainless steel, Made in USA, easy to use

Cons: None

This SNS is a must have if you have a kettle grill. Made in the USA of stainless steel with great welds and very smooth, no sharp edges. The SNS is very heavy about 9 lbs. Simple to use and turns your kettle into a smoker with fantastic results. Simply get a dozen coals going, put them in the SNS, top off with unlit coals and wood. Fill up the water reservoir, holds about a quart of liquid. When the temp is up, put the meat on, cover the grill adjust the vents and you have a solid 10 hours of uninterrupted cook time. You can also lightly smoke a steak and do a reverse sear on it.