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Royal Oak Charcoal Briquettes 20 lb Bag Reviews

Positive Reviews


The one to use...


Pros: Burns hotter and longer than the King brand. Great flavor for grilling

Cons: Not as easy to find as Kingsford. So when you find it, buy more than one bag.

This is now my go to charcoal. I tried it once and never went back Not so easy to find in my area. So when I see it I'll pick up more than one sack. b

Royal Oak Premium


Pros: long burning

I love this charcoal!!! I used to use Kingsford and half of it didn't burn and when it did burn it wasn't hot. I use Royal Oak in my Meadow Creek PR36 for smoking of all my meats. Half of a bag will give me a 6-8 hour burn. Great taste and smell!!!!

Negative Reviews


Do you know what they add to it?


Pros: It's cheap

Cons: They add saw dust to it.

I work at a flooring mill. To get rid of the waiste it's ground up and the saw dust is trucked out. It's bought by Royal Oak to be added to the slurry that makes the briquets. But here is where it get's interesting. Our red and white oak we use is all soaked in a tank of bug killer before it dries for use in flooring.  I know that there is no problem keeping weeds down around that tank....there are none! So do you really want to cook over that  coal? I won't cook over that wood in a smoker. The only wood I'll use is the Hickory.....because it doesn't get soaked in that stuff.

royal oak premium briquettes


Pros: no heat-dont last-trash-burns uneven

Cons: no heat -flavor fair

well when it takes 55 minutes to cook 6 --1/4 lb burgers  and then when it goes out it still has chunks of coals that never burned thru-even tho they were started in a chimney smoker--i rate this a 1 out of 10 -feel like going back to store with 1/2 a bag and dump it on the counter --do the math  PATHETIC

More Reviews


Good Charcoal.


Pros: Burns hot and clean, and lightes up fast.

Cons: Burns a little too fast for low and slow

I use this charcoal all of the time! It has a good flavor ,and burns hot and clean. The only thing that I have a problem with is that it burns too fast for low and slow cooks that last over about 3or 4 hours. On the positive side of things it burns clean, and does not  leave a fowl taste or smell in the food like some other name brand charcoals do!!  

Great Charcoal


Pros: Good smokle flavor Nice size chuncks Burns long on low temp cooks

Cons: None

I have tried most of the other lump charcoal, from cheaper to some of the higher priced grill name brand. I now only use the Royal Oak. This charcoal is not expensive and has some nice size chunks in the bag. The burn time at low heat 200-225 is excellent and the food cooked taste great. I guess I can mention this and I have not searched this but another smoker friend of mine told me that Royal Oak makes the natural chunk charcoal for the EGG. It really does not matter because for the money you cannot beat it. Compared to a  few other brands where you get small broken pieces with some molding, you get some nice charcoal with the Royal Oak and it is about half the price. My bag size...
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royal oak lump charcoal


Pros: love its smokey flavor on ribs and chicken

was the first time i used it and it worked really good in my Ugly Drum Smoker

Best Charcoal I've Used


Pros: Hot, Fast, Cheap

Cons: Found pieces of scrap metal in bag once

This was my first venture into natural hardwood coals. I had been using briquettes in my smoker before and noticed that you had to wait a good 30-45 minutes before seeing a temperature increase when adding those to your fire. When I bought these bad boys I noticed that I had a harder time LOWERING the heat instead of raising it! I have a huge wind problem on my back porch so getting the smoker too hot was actually a blessing. I love these coals now, and when I found out through SMF that they weren't a year round commodity, I went and bought up what WalMart had. I highly recommend these. Very Cheap at 6.73 per 10 pound bag.

Lump Charcoal


Pros: Lights easy, clean and long burn times.

Tried many different versions of lump coal, but this is the best I have used. BGE comes in 2nd.

Best I have used

Granted I am new to smoking and charcoal cooking but this is the best I have used, it burned at a good rate and good temperature and the pieces were the perfect size, not to large, not to small.

RO Lump


Pros: Burns clean and hot

Cons: havent found any

Compared to some of the other stuff I have used this is by far the best.

Great for grilling


Pros: Gets very hot

This is my go two charcoal for grilling. It gets about 25 degrees hotter than the other brand that I use. › Smokers & More › Fuel › Charcoal › Briquettes › Royal Oak Charcoal Briquettes 20 lb Bag › Royal Oak Charcoal Briquettes 20 lb Bag Reviews