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Royal Oak 100% All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal


Pros: Large pieces, great flavor

Cons: Gets a little dusty like most lump charcoal

I found this on sale at my local wal mart for $4.50 per bag.  After sumbling on it, I read the reviews later and found out that I found a gem.  This stuff performs great, and the price was right!  I went back and bought 12 bags.  Thankfully, my wife puts up with the massive pile in the garage.


Pros: burns clean, easy to light

Cons: less consistent burn rate than KBB, inconsistent lump size, very dusty

WSM 22.5, charcoal chimney, modified Minion method


I tried a couple bags of RO Hardwood Lump, but have returned to using KBB.


The RO Lump lights easily and burns clean, but I was unable to regulate the heat as well as I can with KBB. The burn rate of RO, at least to me, appeared to be less consistent and often faster than KBB. This may be the result of inconsistent lump size, too -- obviously KBB is very consistent, whereas the RO had some tiny lumps and some lumps that were nearly entire branches. The dustiness was a downside, too -- more black smudges everywhere.


The smokes I did over RO tasted a little cleaner than KBB, but for me it wasn't enough better to make up for the problems I ran into.


I'll admit that it's possible that the results I got were more due to something I did than due to the charcoal but, until someone can show me where I went wrong or I can figure it out, that's where my review lands.


Pros: Lights up super fast. little ash leftover.

Cons: short life. few large chunks. many little pieces. not cheap.

It's okay.  Interval from coals lit to coals in the pit is quick.  Short life though.  Every single bag purchased had 40+% small bits.  


Pros: Clean, perfect thin blue smoke, very consistent burning

Cons: Have to read the bag - insist on America Made

I cannot think of a single complaint on this 100% natural hardwood lump charcoal ...burns hot if you want it too, but you can choke down the vents and make it simmer along with a very low temperature in your BBQ without going out either.  Perfect thin blue smoke, all natural American hardwoods... BUT rumor has it (so says some web sites) that there are 3 different types of red-bag Royal Oak 100% All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoals on the market ...and maybe this is old info, but to get the best one, look for the "Made in America" label on the bag.  I get mine at the Home Depot and it not only says "Made in America" but also has an American flag on the front of the bag (near the top) - not shown above BTW.  The American Made version has no South American hardwoods (known for more difficulty in burning, more inconsistent) in it and is made from all North American hardwoods that burn smooth and long, very consistent and reliable.


Pros: AWSOME Is Not match light

Cons: NONE

I keep 4-6 bags at the house at all times.   IS NOT MATCH LIGHT which is fantastic and the way is should be and only way ill use coals.  Buy at Walmart and if u wait till end of grill season u can pick up pretty cheap.


Pros: Easy to light, great flavor and great burn time

I've been using this since I got my Vision Grill Classic B. It's easy to light and has a great burn time. The flavor it gives is also very good. Definitely recommend it.


Pros: Lights easily. Adds great flavor

I've just started using this stuff and I really like it. It gives a nice flavor to the smoke. And its cheap and easy to find. They sell it at Canadian Tire for around $6 a bag

Royal Oak 100% All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal

100% Hardwood Lump Charcoal 8.8 lb bag

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