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RediCheck Remote Cooking Thermometer w/Taste Settings


Pros: remote readings, large display, easy on batteries

Cons: sender does not like cold weather, Only a max temp alarm,

I have owned this for about a year now, I purchased it from Bed Bath and Beyond.  It lets me monitor the temp of my smoke chamber form inside the house.  When I used it during the winter, I had to put it inside a plastic coffee can wrapped in rags with "hot Hands" warmers in with it in order for the sender to transmit to the remote unit.  I could read the temp on the sender unit, but it would not transmit when it was cold.  I can use this around the house with no problems except for my basement, (I can use it down there but, I have to hold it up in the middle of the room to get a reading, it won't update next to the wall down there).  I can set it by the bed at night and wake up periodiacally and check the temp of my smoker, without getting out of bed. biggrin.gif


Pros: Easy to use, Timer, therm all in one.

Cons: Limited range on receiver

Works great, nice to have the temp in the transmitter window as well as on the receiver.  It is limited in range, but it is very simple to set up. 

RediCheck Remote Cooking Thermometer w/Taste Settings

The Maverick RediCheck Remote features a transmitter that reads the internal food temperature with a digital electronic food probe, then sends that information wirelessly up to 100 feet away, freeing you from standing next to the oven or grill during the cooking period. When the desired temperature is reached an alarm goes off. Place the transmitter near the oven or grill. Insert the tip of the Food Probe into the center of the food being cooked, and run the probe's lead wire out through the door connecting to the transmitter. The wire is flexible metal sheath and is rated for over 500 degrees F., and isn't hurt by closing the door. The receiver picks up the signal, and displays: the actual internal food temperature, the "set" or target desired temperature, and the type of meat. Each meat type has default taste "doneness" choices for each type of taste (rare, medium, etc.) but you can override any preset temperature and choose your own.

Batteries Included1
BrandMaverick Industries
FeatureStainless-steel probe; integrated stand; belt clip; batteries included
Height1 inches
Length5 inches
Width3 inches
LabelMaverick Industries, Inc
List Price$49.99
ManufacturerMaverick Industries, Inc
Number Of Items1
Package Quantity48
Product GroupKitchen
Product Type NameABIS_KITCHEN
PublisherMaverick Industries, Inc
StudioMaverick Industries, Inc
TitleRediCheck Remote Cooking Thermometer w/Taste Settings
Release Date2006-04-14
Is Fragile0
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
SmokingMeatForums.com › Smokers & More › Thermometers › Digital Probe › RediCheck Remote Cooking Thermometer w/Taste Settings