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A Review On: REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill - Featuring Smart Grill TechnologyTM

REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill - Featuring Smart Grill TechnologyTM

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Pros: smart controller, 40lb hopper, built heavy

Cons: leg mounts could be better

I've had my RecTec 680 for about three weeks or so. I've already cooked on it about 10 times I imagine. I've got baby backs smoking on it right now. This smoker is worth every penny you'll pay for it. I had an issue when I first got it, it ended up being me, not the grill, but Ben, the GM of RecTec called me to explain my issue. If every company had customer service like RecTec, the world would be a far better place. This grill holds temp really well. It's really heavy, even the grates. Everything is made out of stainless. Everything I've cooked on it so far has been the best version of whatever it is that I've ever done. Once you do your research and compare this one to all the other smokers, you're going to pay the grand and get the best pellet smoker on the market right now. The only negative thing I can say about this grill is how the legs mount to the barrel, it could be designed a little better. I put shims in between the legs and sockets on mine to make it tight. If you're like me and really like the smoke flavor, get a 12" smoker tube and put in there. The RecTec makes plenty of smoke, but why not add to it? At higher temps, it doesn't smoke as much so that's when I use the tube. It's not the grill, it's just science. It has to burn the pellets rather than smoke them. Bottom line, this thing is top of the line. Spend the money and don't look back. 


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