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REC TEC Wood Pellet Grill - Featuring Smart Grill TechnologyTM Reviews

Positive Reviews

Big Scoots BBQ

Fire and Forget


Pros: Econimical, efficient easy to use and easy to clean

Cons: buying pellets, space

I have used this smoker to smoke everything besides a whole hog (space).  Ribs, Brisket, Chicken, Pork...Then I started to expand; pizza, fish, steaks (reverse sear) and it's on point every time.  This smoker is the best pellet cooker out there.  Yoder's are nice, but expensive when you compare the two.  Traegger's, just not my thing.  The direct temperature setting is highly efficient so is the "heavy smoke" option; which increases the smoke between 185-225.    The only issue I have with this is the space and there is not a temp probe port.  Sometimes when covering a brisket or a shoulder to push through the stall the there is a temperature gauge...
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Negative Reviews


This will make you become a REPAIR MASTER not a PITMASTER


Pros: when it works

Cons: get your tools out and wait

less then 6 mos old.. had to repair 3 times call customer service even more. tired of waiting on parts to come in the mail vs grilling.  If this is what you want to do .. then go ahead and buy one. i have asked for money back and replacement.. they only send parts and make me wait more.

More Reviews


Wow! Lovin the Rec Tac!


Pros: Awesome temp control, looks really cool, love the light, great grill, food ROCKS!!!, excellent customer service

Cons: none worth mentioning

Ok, I was of the firm opinion that only a stick burner would smoke food the way I like it. WRONG!!! This grill not only looks great but made some of the best BBQ I have ever had using the same recipes I have used for years!! I have been smoking on an indirect for more than 15 years and never had BBQ like this. I did three slabs of ribs first and some bacon candy, awesome! Then I did a 24 hour brisket and it was the best I ever had. Nice smoke ring, tender, juicy and good bark. I had a hard time getting over the lack of smoke emitted compared to my indirect smoker but the flavor still comes through really good if not better than my stick burner and I don't have to tend a fire! Pellet use...
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Dan Clements

Outstanding Unit


Pros: Ability to Hold Temperature | Grill Bars | Quality Material | Customer Support

Cons: Cover

We have been using this unit for a year and a half, several times per week, year round in the Seattle area. Cook everything from pork shoulder to rack of lamb to salmon to blackened sword fish. This replaced a Traeger Lil Tex that we had nothing but problems with in the year we owned it. The unit comes up to temperature very quickly, since it is started with the hood down. The front shelf and grill bars are necessities, from my perspective. Since the temperature will maintain at 500 degrees, steaks come out great on the grill bars. Flip the bars over and use the flat surface for blackened fish & meats and burgers. Only negatives are the cover and the tendency to knock the grease bucket...
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Two Thumbs Up for the REC TEC


Pros: Size, Quality of build, Design and of course CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!!

Cons: haven't found any

Bought the "kitchen sink" package after two years of looking, reading and information seeking---absolutely love the product!  I have done bacon wrapped pork loin, pig candy, St. Louis style ribs, Babyback ribs, burgers, kielbasi, Ribeyes, chicken leg quarters and a Peking duck...I'm telling you all turned out SPECTACULAR!!!!    The burgers and steaks are game changers!  The pig candy last about a day as the kid DEVOUR it!!!    Folks this thing hold almost perfect temperature. The quality of the build is also very impressive.  I have a buddy that bough another brand and we were discussing, his grill holds 12 pounds of pellets --the REC TEC holds 40...
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Love this smoker !!


Pros: Easy to use and the food always comes out perfect.

Cons: Nothing...

I LOVE this pellet smoker.  I did about three months of research on which pellet grill to get.  Looked into build, materials, ease of use, and value for the money.  I even called them before I bought and put them threw the wringer with a few questions... No issues and no pressure to buy.  When I did pick them, I called back with my order and was treated with how a customer should be treated, with respect.  I try to use my RT year round... gets a bit smoky in the garage in the winter here in Northern IL, but I'll take it.  A buddy has the big green egg... wishes he had this now.  

Awesome grill and smoker


Pros: Built well, great service, low maint

Cons: sometimes struggles with low temps, moderate smoke level

I am about 3 months into the Rec Tec adventure.  I purchased the unit to be a smoker and figured that if the searing/grilling features worked as well as touted it would be a bonus.  I was very surprised to see how well the unit does at grilling.  I got the searing greats which give great grill marks.  Cooking steaks on it is easy and produces the best steak I've ever had.     For smoking, the unit does well also.  It sometimes struggles to maintain 225 and will run in the 240s instead.  The higher the temp setting, the more reliably it is able to perform.   I suspect it will be easier for it to handle when not in the heat of the summer. ...
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Bob the griller

Great Grill/Smoker


Pros: Gets up to temp quick. Very easy to use. Unbeatable customer service

Cons: Not self cleaning LOL

This  was a present from my amazing wife. The grill was very easy to put together. This thing is built heavy. I was actually amazed at the construction. Burn in was effortless. I have cooked on it for several months now. I have smoked fresh bacon, briskets, sausage, made steaks. I also use it to cook pot roast in my cast Iron dutch ovens. Everything I have cooked on it taste amazing. The grill works great. Easy clean up. I love my Rec Tec.
NC Gator

Fantasic grill


Pros: Ease of assembly & use; Temperature control; consistent quality in meat; Great customer service;

Cons: Not a single one!!!!

I interviewed to work for Traeger selling at Costco and that was my introduction to pellet grills. Thankfully, I didn't get the job. I researched all the pellet grills on the market and my research showed Rec Tec had the best customer service and the grill just looks so much better than the competition. I ordered my grill over the phone, I got it in 3 days and waited until the weekend to put it together (that was hard to wait). I had an issue with the wire for the light, I called on a Saturday not expecting an answer. I got a return call within a half hour with the answer. The legs are so much stronger than the Traeger due to the rack at the bottom, the steel is a heavier gauge...
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Pellet Play

Great Pellet Burner!


Pros: Temp control spot on, Durability spot on.

Cons: None

Went from an offset to a more efficient egg then to this pellet burner. This has to be the easiest most efficient and the best smoker on the market! Customer service is beyond amazing and the guys at Rec Tec are second to none. I want another one!!!!!

Great Experience


Pros: Easy to set up, easy to use, great quality, super results

Cons: none

I just used my Rec Tec smoker for the first time. I have used several other smokers but this was my first experience with a pellet smoker. I smoked two 12 pound briskets for 7 hours at 235 degrees. I never had to worry about feeding it more wood or regulating the temperature. The briskets came out with a nice char, a beautiful smoke ring and tasted wonderful. The meat was tender. It was the best smoking experience I have had since I began. When I first started using a smoker I swore I would never go back to grilling on a regular basis. I now know that this Rec Tec Smoker is going to be used at least 5 days a week. I gave my old charcoal barbeque grill to my son and I don't want it back....
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