Awesome Automatic temperature controller!

A Review On: Pitmaster IQ110 Kit with Standard Pit Adapter

Pitmaster IQ110 Kit with Standard Pit Adapter

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Pros: Set it and forget it...Great customer service!

Cons: no digital read out (not that it's important)

I'm impressed, especially at the price point. No complaints as it does what it does and it's super accurate.  You won't be disappointed if you bought one, go do what you gotta go do and let it take care of the'll make your smoking that much easier.


How low can it be set ???
It can be set to a minimum of 150 degrees F.  At lower temperature settings, the damper should be set to a 1 or 2 to reduce air pushing past the blower and providing air to the coals.  A damper adjustment (much like a BBQ/smoker damper over an air intake) covers the intake of the blower and is adjustable from a lot of restriction (position 1) to no restriction (position 4).  .