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Pit Boss Grills 71820 Wood Pellet Grill Reviews

James Fleming

Great price, great grill


Pros: Accurate temperature control

Cons: Unpredictable performance in cold weather, watch out for sticky dribble from the stack cover.

$399 on sale at Menards! I had been looking at Traegers, but didn't want to pay twice the price. I've used this grill a couple dozen times singe getting it at Christmas '2015. In cold weather it struggles to maintain even temperature, but I've had problems in winter with every grill I've owned. Smoking mode works great in Spring/Summer weather but you have to scope out how to use the "P" mode. There should be a selector switch instead of a button. The enameled grids are easy to clean and are holding up well.   Points to note: Keep the trough where the grease collects to go into the bucket clean. Remove the flame shields every 5 or 6 uses and clean out the burner. Remove the...
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heavy duy


Pros: well built thick guage steel

Cons: heavy

bought this grill two days ago at menards. 499.00 great build quality for the rice. the treager that is the same size is 800.00. I haven't used itt yet but it looks to be a great product. search the forums on here for pitboss at menards for reviews and lots of great tips to using. a shout out to K-dog for the P setting explanation.
BC taster

So happy with my new Pit Boss 820D


Pros: Good heat control, easy to use and can obtain higher temps for grilling.

Cons: Heavy. Needs casters if you want to move it much.

What a fantastic grill the Pit Boss 820D is.  Its my first pellet grill and I love it.  I first bought a 700FB at Wal-Mart. Plugged it in and nothing. Dead as a door nail. Got a refund. Academy Sports had the 820D for only one dollar more. Got it.  Read the instructions and followed them to the letter for burn in. It was easy. At 225 the temps fluctuated +- 15-20 deg. At 300, temps were more steady. Set control to 450. In about 15 minutes it overshot about 10 deg. Came back to 450 and stayed there for 30+ minutes. Started shut down sequence. All total, about 5 hours for burn-in. It consumed about 1.5 coffee cans of pellets. Ready for its first cook. Babybacks and baked...
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AB Canuck

Great unit


Pros: Seems well built, works great, easy to use, holds temp. Great bang for the buck

Cons: Built in thermo was out, But use a probe system anyway

  I started out on a friends Traegar at work and made the decision to get a pellet smoker, I researched for awhile and was leaning towards the Green Mountain Grill line, I went and checked them out but hesitated due to the price point $1100+tax, Canadian dollar exchange is brutal. So i figured ok I'll think about it. I happened to be in Home Depot and Saw the Pit Boss for $699. So I checked out the line and reviews went back a few days later and we loaded it up. I really am enjoying this unit, Built well, solid, Works great and easy to use, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a pellet grill. 



Pros: I like the broiler feature

Cons: None so far

Bought this at Menards after returning a Traeger Texan to Costco. The Pitt Boss is a little smaller, has the broiler feature, has a upper cooking rack, has a shelf under the cook chamber  is $400 less money. All in all I'm optimistic this one is a keeper. › Smokers & More › Smokers › Pellet Smokers › Pit Boss Grills 71820 Wood Pellet Grill › Pit Boss Grills 71820 Wood Pellet Grill Reviews