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Ozark Oak Hardwood Lump Charcoal 10 Lbs.

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #2 in Lump


Pros: good sizes little dust no debris long burn

Cons: none

Found 10 lbs bags at a local Wharehouse Market in Tulsa, Ok for $4.99. I wanted to keep it a secret so I could buy all of it but have to share considring how helpfull everyone has been.


Pros: no filler, little ash, great flavor, no after taste

Cons: pops a bit

I'm lucky enough to be able to buy this locally.  ($4.99 for 10lb.).  Discovered OO two years ago after having it recommended by somebody on another forum.  This is great stuff.  Good size selection of lumps, very little dust.  Haven't found any foreign substances yet. 


I use it for both smoking and grilling.  Like the OP said, very little ash, burns for a long time, smells great, and gives a great flavor to your meat.  The flavor's so good, I don't bother with a flavor wood when doing small roasts. 



Pros: Looooong burn time, low ashes, nice smell

Cons: Can be hard to start....at times...but not usually!

I have nothing but glowing reviews for this coal.


I live in Omaha, NE, where finding a variety of lump is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  The only kinds you can get around here are sold at places like Sam's, Wal-Mart, Lowe's, and a place called Menards.  The only kind they sell are Royal Oak (Menards), Cowboy, and Frontier.  The local butcher sells Fire King (first lump I ever purchased), but I was told that Strumph is going out of business.


In any case, my qwest took me to the internet.  I wanted a quality lump that burned long, hot, and produced hardly any ash.  Ozark was the choice.  Only problem was, it's not sold locally.  I then stumbled across a website (http://www.firecraft.com) that sells Ozark in the 10 lb. bags for about the same price as one bag of Fire King here at the butcher's.  So I ordered a couple of bags.  Here's what I got:


Texture and Quality

You won't be disappointed.  The two bags I had came packaged in a cardboard box, seperated by packing paper (more to come on that too).  When I opened the bag, I could smell a light scent of apple wood, and there were nothing but large and medium sized chunks of lump in the bag.


Smoke and Flavor

This Lump produces a light flavored smoke to it.  It smells wonderful when you first light it, and even after you get done lighting it, it smells just as wonderful.



It takes a little more to light than your average lump.  I was used to using just a little bit of newspaper to get a chimney full started, but after I used just a little more paper, it lit just fine.  I found that using the packing paper to light it works the best!



The price for the bags I paid for were $9.95 for a ten pound bag.  I paid for two bags and with shipping, the total came out to $24.89.  In comparison, I paid $19.98 for two ten pound bags of Fire King here in Omaha on Friday, so we're only talking a about a five dollar difference.


Overall, this is the best lump I've ever used, and come Father's Day this year, I've been smoking meats for approximately one whole year.  One year, and I've gone from just BBQing hamburgers, ribs and steaks, to smoking whole pork butts, ribs, and as of this past weekend, brisket.  I couldn't have done the overnight smoke without the Ozark.



Ozark Oak Hardwood Lump Charcoal 10 Lbs.

Ozark all natural lump charcoal easy lite charred wood

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