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A Review On: Outdoor Leisure Products Smoke Hollow 38202G

Outdoor Leisure Products Smoke Hollow 38202G

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Pros: Roomy with 4 racks. Separate chamber for chips/water pan. Heats quickly. Easy to assemble, good quality materials.

Cons: Heat controls, smoke leakage, inconsistent igniter.

I received the 38' Smoky Hollow with the glass door at Christmas, and have done about 5 smokes so far. The unit is roomy enough to do a 12+ lb. brisket and much more. After two smokes, I ordered a door seal from Amazon, as there was quite a bit of smoke and heat leakage. This one modification has made controlling the heat a bit easier, and no smoke escapes through the door. The smoker heats up quickly on the medium dial setting and must be turned down to nearly the lowest setting to maintain 225F. A dual digital probe is a must, in my opinion. Being able to monitor the smoke from inside is a bonus.   I now fill the chip tray nearly full and let it heat on high to get a good smoke started, usually about 10 minutes, then put the meat in the cooker and turn down the heat to low. I have done two of the smokes in the rain on very cool breezy days. The unit maintained the heat very well, however, the gas control dial takes some effort to get it set to the right level. I think it is more pilot error and inexperience, as with my last smoke of a 10lb. pork tenderloin, the heat dialed in fairly easy and maintained the 225F throughout the 4-hour smoke.

The window is a nice feature, but it will become coated with smoke oils. I clean it with hot water and dishwashing liquid using a nylon pad scrubber, while the unit is still warm. It takes about 10 minutes to clean up the cooker while the meat is resting, so it is not an issue with me. Overall, I am very satisfied with the smoker, and each smoke gets better than the last. There are no complaints from the family about the food made with this smoker. A good friend who has years of smoking experience gave me some great advice, be patient, very patient, and enjoy it with a few of your favorite beverages. Great advice!  By all means, try this unit out, I think you will be pleased with the results.   


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