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A Review On: Outdoor Leisure Products (OLP) Smoke Hollow 47180T 4-in-1

Outdoor Leisure Products (OLP) Smoke Hollow 47180T 4-in-1

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Pros: Cast iron grates, the grill, adjustable charcoal basket, starter, fire box thickness

Cons: thinner on grilling areas. leaks smoke like crazy, casters.

bought this grill at sams after looking over many of the different combo gas/charcoal grill units. I settled on this one due to the fact that it had the smoker already on it and everything on it was much more substantial than all of the other grills that i had looked at. plus the cast iron grates were a huge must for me. i hate cooking on wire racks for actual grilling.


now after assembling and using this i like it even more. the gas grill side is phenomenal, heats fast cooks well and the warming rack doesnt constantly fall into the grill like it does on some others i have used. the grates on this side are coated and have stayed clean over the two years i have had the grill.


The charcoal side is very nice. my main complaint on this side is that the charcoal basket is relatively small so you dont get full use of the grates on this side.


The smoker is one of my favorite new things(hence why i am here now) but starting out it leaked very much but i have begun to make mods to it and an very excited to try smoking some more things. i have lowered the stack, added gaskets, welded seams and will soon cover the welds in JBweld too. there are some holes that are open between the gas and charcoal side that let a ton of smoke out that i have welded shut.


after sealing everything up i am looking to replace the casters. if you had this on a concrete slab it would work fine. but mine is on a smaller paver patio and once it hits grass or dirt it wont move. so im upgrading them.


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