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Outdoor Leisure Products (OLP) Smoke Hollow 47180T 4-in-1


Pros: Cast iron grates, the grill, adjustable charcoal basket, starter, fire box thickness

Cons: thinner on grilling areas. leaks smoke like crazy, casters.

bought this grill at sams after looking over many of the different combo gas/charcoal grill units. I settled on this one due to the fact that it had the smoker already on it and everything on it was much more substantial than all of the other grills that i had looked at. plus the cast iron grates were a huge must for me. i hate cooking on wire racks for actual grilling.


now after assembling and using this i like it even more. the gas grill side is phenomenal, heats fast cooks well and the warming rack doesnt constantly fall into the grill like it does on some others i have used. the grates on this side are coated and have stayed clean over the two years i have had the grill.


The charcoal side is very nice. my main complaint on this side is that the charcoal basket is relatively small so you dont get full use of the grates on this side.


The smoker is one of my favorite new things(hence why i am here now) but starting out it leaked very much but i have begun to make mods to it and an very excited to try smoking some more things. i have lowered the stack, added gaskets, welded seams and will soon cover the welds in JBweld too. there are some holes that are open between the gas and charcoal side that let a ton of smoke out that i have welded shut.


after sealing everything up i am looking to replace the casters. if you had this on a concrete slab it would work fine. but mine is on a smaller paver patio and once it hits grass or dirt it wont move. so im upgrading them.


Pros: Excellent sear burner, nice size, easy to assemble, settles into a good even 225 without any modification for short smokes

Cons: Metal could be thicker, seams should be fully welded not spots,

Overall I am very pleased with my Smoke Hollow smoker. IT is a great unit for me, I bought at Sams for less than 400 after taxes. The entire unit itself comes in at over 76 inches in total length so a cheapo cover is not in the cards unfortunately. The sear burner on the side is a great addition for steaks, fish, even for a quick toast of your favorite breads. The Gas side is excellent, i would put it up there with the very best Gas grill on the market, nice non stick grill grates over three very nice burners. The warmer tray is one of the best constructed on the market in my opinion, very solid and extremely functional. Now on to the smoker side, yes for long smokes you do have to do the usual Mods that everyone with an offset smoker less than 500 dollars needs to do, drop the stack down, seal all your seams, build or buy a charcoal basket, seal the lids, and after that you can, rather I have gotten  over 6 hrs without adding any fuel to the basket mine is 10x12x 6, so its not the largest heat transfer is awesome, I don't use blankets or insulation of any kind, it honestly purrs at 225 degrees without any fuss at all, and it did so before mods as well but for very short times, less than two hours on two full charcoal chimneys of lump. If you wish to add more mods you can get even more time, after several smokes I added a diverter plate to mine and 4 fire bricks to the smoke chamber and really evened out the temps inside, I get 225-250 temps easily on both sides of the grates now. I have smoked Pulled pork, full chickens, fattys, full bone in pork loin roasts, veg of all sorts, beans and have had no issue with any of it. I just finished a full 10 hour smoke of a large Boston Butt that was amazing. I don't have to fuss greatly with the fire on long smokes I check my temps and peak in my damper every hour or so when I spritz on some mop, but im not fiddling with it constantly, as I said I get about 6 hrs out of a full basket without adding more fuel of any kind, and even then I could probably get another hour or so without fuel, if I wasn't doing a really long smoke. Over all its a great smoker, and the only thing that would have gotten it a five star review from me would have been fewer seams that leak, and the entire unit made of 3/16 metal, as it stands now it weighs a ton, couple hundred pounds without lp tank attached so get a friend when moving or at least a dolly to bring it in the house. It will take you about 3 hours of steady work to assemble it by yourself. The caster wheels that come with it are not bad I move mine into a building before and after every smoke, clean up is really easy with it as well, removable trays that slide out for grease and debris removal, grates fit easily in the dishwasher on pots and pans setting and come out brand new, fire box side door makes ash removal easy. I would buy it again in a second, in my opinion for the money you will not find a better, you may find one as good, but not better.  As always never forget, Smokin ain't easy, but it sure is fun...


Pros: I liked the combo grill

Cons: RUST!

I had mine for just over a year and it fell apart just after the years warranty was up.  I was fighting rust every time I used it, granted I was smoking or charcoal grilling a few times a week and probably got my moneys worth out of it but when I cleaned ashes out of it after I used it one evening and a 12" hole fell through the bottom of the cooking surface I was not very happy.  It got cleaned every cook and I was constantly cleaning rust off and repainting it.  Maybe I just got a bad one but I gave it away and upgraded to a ok joes longhorn


Pros: shear volume of cooking space, sear burner- firebox top grill grate option

Cons: requires alot of modification/ tweaks to maintain hot smoking temperatures on coal side

This 4 in 1 was a gift to me over the summer.  Overall the best GRILL i have ever had.  I enjoy the quality of the cast iron grates.  I did some of the mods as suggested and for long term smokes (talking brisket or shoulder) I still found that i really had to babysit it to maintain temperature.  Could be that I am in Michigan and i know colder tempuratures have a lot to do with it ( i did some fall smoking).  What i was able to smoke turned out great.  Perhaps i was spoiled rotten by the ease my meco electric bullet smoker.  


I have not had any issues with anything melting off as others have said.  I broke a handle off the old fashioned way by having an exterior door fall on it.  I have however melted a lighter stick and a digital probe thermometer oh it.  


In summary- great for grilling anything, and for smokign ribs and chicken- a bit more work for the larger cuts of meat.


I bought this unit because I was having some trouble with my Treager Texas model after upgrading it from standard (smoke, medium, high) thermostat, to a digital thermostat.  I have since, fixed the Treager problem.


I like the Smoke Hollow 4 in 1.  I like the use of charcoal.  I also like having a gas grill for convenience when it's too late to wait for coals to heat.  Also, there are various other times when the gas grill is simply more convenient, and/or as a second unit when needed.  I love the offset firebox for the smoker, and I can use either charcoal or stick wood to fire it.  The one thing I'm not crazy about, is the Searing unit.  I haven't figured out how best to use it, and.... it's pretty small as to getting the meat directly over the burner itself.  I'd rather have had a simple gas burner for using with a kettle or pot for soups, stews,  beans or whatever.


Over all, I think the construction is a little light..... could have used a little heavier metal, especially for the side firebox.  I'm afraid it will burn out after many uses with hot fires in it.  Also, it is beginning to rust.  I'm going to have to clean and repaint it to protect the thin metal.


Otherwise, it works great, the concept is a great idea.  I'd buy it again if necessary... especially for the price.


Pros: Under $300, Seems Well built, Easy to clean Propane side, Great starter Smoker,

Cons: Not really thick metal, hard to clean ashes from food chamber, leaks everywhere from spot welds, some smoke leaks, searer is small

The great thing is most all the cons can be fixed with some tweeks.  This make the Grill more personalized and funny to cook on.

"Tweeks?" you ask...

High temp JB Weld on seams in fire box, smoke box and dividing wall of the propane and charcoal chambers.



Fire proof rope on upper seam and holes in same dividing wall.


Made a pipe extension for the exhaust out of flashing. Used some rivots to make it look nice.



Removed rubber spacers from smoke box and charcoal chamber, then replaced with 1/8 inch gasket from fireplace window gasket. The fire box one for sure but you can use BGE gasket to boot.





Used BGE gasket on bottom charcoal vent, basket handle guard, and small holes in charcoal side lid.






Flashing shield that acts like heat/smoke defuser to disapate well... heat and smoke.




Made my own grate for the fire box to keep the ambers from falling through.




And that is about it. If you have noticed that most is on the smoking side, it needed it the most. This way more heat less smoked where you want it. I have been practicing with my smoking and with smoking at least twice a week and I am loving it (as is everyone else).

First time smoker, lifetime addicted.



Pros: value, versatility, customer support

Cons: heat control

I bought the Smoke Hollow for two reasons: 1. Versatility, and 2. Affordability. It’s versatile because this unit is really more like getting four units in one. It comes with a searing burner, a standard propane grill, a charcoal grill, and a smoke box for indirect heating. While it’s clearly not the most high-quality outdoor appliance on the market, you definitely get a lot for the price.


There are several companies that make products similar to this one. OLP seems to produce the highest quality product among their competitors. The Smoke Hollow doesn't have thickest grade metal, but all in all this is a pretty well-built piece of equipment.


Assembly takes some time, but it's not rocket science. You might want to have a friend handy as some of the steps are a little awkward to try and pull off on your own.


Out of the box, using the Smoke Hollow for indirect smoking can be a frustrating ordeal. Given the nature of cheap offset smokers such as this you will have a very hard time regulating and maintaining temperature. Fortunately there are a number of simple do-it-yourself modifications that vastly improve this unit's smoking capabilities, many of which I have detailed at length on my blog.


The searing burner, propane grill, and charcoal grill all work perfectly. I LOVE the searing burner, which gets super hot. The charcoal grill has an adjustable charcoal tray for raising and lowering your fuel as well as an adjustable damper to regulate airflow. But the best feature of this 4-in-1 unit is the ability to easily move food from one grill to the other - something I personally appreciate since I often want to finish off food that I have smoked over direct heat, or quickly sear steaks and chops before moving them to the propane grill.


OLP is very responsive to service calls. They packaged the wrong size casters in the box I purchased from Sam's Club, but they promptly sent me the correct ones with no questions asked.


If you are in the market for an affordable all-in-one unit, I highly recommend the Smoke Hollow 47180T. Just know that in order to get the most out of it you'll need to put in a little extra work.

Outdoor Leisure Products (OLP) Smoke Hollow 47180T 4-in-1

This 4-in-1 combo grill allows you to prepare your food just the way you want. It has a standard gas grill, a sear burner, a charcoal grill for traditional barbecue, and an off-set fire box for smoking and indirect cooking.

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