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Outdoor Leisure 41170B Smoke Hollow Deluxe Vertical LP Gas Smoker


Pros: double wall construction, drips go into water pan, separate door for water & wood, reasonably heavy metal,

Cons: water door sticks, hard to remove water pan without spilling, must remove water door to get to wood chip tray

 I've posted my comments and a description of my mods to this smoker at amazon






Pros: Big, double walled, two door

Cons: Non so far.

This is my second smoker. My first was a very cheap vertical gas smoker. I did not want to spend much money until I knew I wanted to smoke much. After a couple of smokes I was hooked. After three years I thought it was time to upgrade. Bring on the 41170B


While unpacking the smoker after delivery I discovered that it took a hit on one of the upper corners and broke the door hinge. I called OLP and because of the design they had to send our a whole new door. That process took a week but they handled the door replacement with no issues. Man, new smoker and I had to wait a week to use it.


I am pleased with the quality of the construction. This smoker is very solid and sturdy.


During the seasoning process I experimented with temperatures. I was able to get it as low as 175 and well over 350.


After seasoning the smoker my first smoke was a couple of chickens using non other than Jeff's Naked Rib Rub with alder chips. The result was not bad. I thought the chicken could have had more smoke flavor but we are on the right track.


My second smoke was a couple of pork butts with the same rub. Again I felt the pork could have had more smoke flavor. Up to this point I have been using fairly small wood chips soaked in water. I seemed to be burning through the chips faster than I thought it should. I also noticed that the heat characteristics have changed. It was a little harder to keep the temp up.


Next I made a run at a couple more chickens but I changed up the wood. On a trip to my local Lowe's I noticed they had a number of bags of wood chunks. Much larger than the wood chips I have been using. I left them dry for this smoke. The wood lasted much longer and the chickens has a smokier taste. Sweet!!! However, I still had trouble keeping the temp up to 225, strange.


My next smoke will be a brisket. We will see how that turns out.






Pros: large, double walled construction, tank mount, large water pan

Cons: Chip pan beneath water pan, Door temp sensor way off, Airflow and temperature issues

I received this smoker last father's day, and  I have used it to smoke a lot of pork butts, briskets and some poultry.  When I first seasoned it I mapped the temperature in the unit with a wireless temp probe, and found that when empty that the temperature varied greatly throughout the cabinet.  The door temperature gage read anywhere from 20-40 degrees low.  The louvers and the back-plane mounted damper do not seem to manage airflow correctly.  The vents on the two sides and back draw air in which is heated and then passes out the back.  When empty the higher racks toward the front were significantly cooler.    I have also found a great sensitivity to any breeze(not a small issue on the high plains of Texas).  This necessitated me building "fort smoker"(junk piled around to create wind breaks), to protect the vents.  This coupled with using my wireless temp probe has allowed me to produce some very good smokes, and I am very happy with it.  Smoking briskets for 16+ hours, only involves adding water to the pan every couple of hours or so, and chips maybe once.  


Pros: water pan larger than opening to smoking chamber, no flare up, EZ NG conversion, Quality construction, EZ to climate control, low smoke temps

Cons: Wont smoke under 225 F - Adding an A-Maze-N-Pellet smoker for lower steady temps, nothing else really - great smoker!

I will edit and complete this review this week-end - but great smoker when coupled w/ A-Maze-N-Pellet --> Unstoppable:)

Outdoor Leisure 41170B Smoke Hollow Deluxe Vertical LP Gas Smoker

• 41.5” x 20” x 17.5’ fully-welded steel cabinet • Slide-out drawer for easy access to water pan and wood chip tray • Double-wall construction for consistent temperatures • Stainless steel tubular burner • Over 1,000 total square inches of cooking area • 3 traditional cooking grids • 2 jerky racks / cooking grids • Porcelain coated water / drip pan and porcelain coated wood chip tray • Commercial quality temperature gauge • Electronic igniter (battery included) • Heavy-duty LP cylinder bracket and two, heavy-duty 2-inch inboard wheels for easy mobility • Front, appliance-style adjustable feet to level product while in use

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