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A Review On: Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

Outdoor Leisure 30168E Smoke Hollow Electric Smoker

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Dustin Berg
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Pros: Great Construction. Easy to use.

Cons: Temp Gauge. No Vent conrol. Handle issue!

Well i got this Smoker in Feb. of 2013 i was looking for something smaller but big enough for a bird to replace my small charcoal smoker, I found this one on sale at Menard's and the price was to good to pass up. Assembly was a breeze didn't need any help with it at all. Good construction. Upon using it the the first time i quickly realized the door temp was way off. I always run a thermometer that hangs on a rack inside anyway so it wasn't bad the air temp was about 20 below zero Fahrenheit the door read 170 internal was more around 230. When i was done smoking an went to move it i noticed where the bolts hold on the handles on the sides they had let some smoke release an made the handles sticky which with the help of some JB weld i had fixed it an got them to seal properly.  The lack of a vent control bugged me at first but i have learned to deal with it an plan on making a functioning adjustable vent this summer. So far I've smoked everything from Brats, Walleye, Pike, Sucker, Salmon, Pork Butt, Steak, Bacon, Chicken and Turkey. This smoker has done rather well and for a 200 dollar smoker it's been one my favorite small smokers. YOU CAN'T GO WRONG BUYING THIS SMOKER!  I've been playing around with alot of new recipes that i randomly come up with including one where i used a whole bag of Frito's on the bottom shelf with a chicken and it turned out to be rather good you can taste the corn an extra salt it added some great flavor, I also wrapped a beef brisket in apple an brown sugar with my own beef rub an it turned out to be a real winner. It one at a Fishing Derby Cook off. I plan on perfecting the recipe an then i will share it on here it has a sweet and spicy zest with a nice smokey flavor. If i can win a Cook off with this smoker then anyone can learn to smoke.


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